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(1) Under section 155 of the CCA an individual has a right to a refund of the firm's fee (less £5) (or for that fee not to be payable) where the individual has not entered into an agreement to which section 155 applies within six months of an introduction:5(a) to a source of credit or of bailment (or in Scotland of hire); or5(b) to another firm that carries on credit broking of the kind specified in article 36A(1)(a) to (c) of the RAO disregarding the effect of paragraph (2) of
(1) An individual does not need to refer to the right under section 155 of the CCA in order to be entitled to a refund.(2) A firm should respond promptly to a request for a refund. Firms are reminded of the rule in CONC 11.1.12R to return sums without undue delay, and within 30 calendar days, on cancellation of a distance contract.4(3) In circumstances where individuals request refunds and the firm knows, or ought to know, that agreements to which section 155 applies would not