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(1) Where a financial promotion concerns a facility for which security is or may be required, the promotion must:(a) state that security is or may be required; and(b) specify the nature of the security.[Note: regulation 7(1) of CCAR 2004](2) Where, in the case of a financial promotion, the security comprises or may comprise a mortgage or charge on a property used by the customer as a dwelling (whether or not the customer’s primary residence)4:(a) except where (c) applies, the
(1) A financial promotion must not include:(a) the word “overdraft” or any similar expression as describing any agreement for running-account credit, except where the agreement enables a customer to overdraw on a current account; (b) the expression “interest free” or any similar expression indicating that a customer is liable to pay no greater amount in respect of a transaction financed by credit than he would be liable to pay as a cash purchaser for the like transaction, except
(1) In the case of a financial promotion about running-account credit, the following assumptions have effect for the purpose of calculating the total charge for credit and any APR, notwithstanding the terms of the transaction advertised and in place of any assumptions in CONC App 1.1.11 R to CONC App 1.1.18 R that might otherwise apply:(a) the amount of the credit to be provided must be taken to be £1,500 or, in a case where credit is to be provided subject to a credit limit
CONC 3.6.10RRP
(1) The amount of credit which may be provided under a credit agreement or an indication of one or both of the maximum amount and the minimum amount of credit which may be provided. [Note: paragraph 1 of schedule 2 to CCAR 2004]Deposit of money in an account(2) A statement of any requirement to place on deposit any sum of money in any account with any person. [Note: paragraph 2 of schedule 2 to CCAR 2004]Cash price(3) In the case of a financial promotion about credit to be provided
(1) The representative example in CONC 3.5.3R (1) must comprise the following items of information: (a) the rate of interest, and whether it is fixed or variable or both, expressed as a fixed or variable percentage applied on an annual basis to the amount of credit drawn down;(b) the nature and amount of any other charge included in the total charge for credit;(c) the total amount of credit;(d) the representative APR;(e) in the case of credit in the form of a deferred payment