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(1) A firm must ensure that a communication or a financial promotion is clear, fair, and not misleading. [Note: paragraphs 2.2 of ILG, 3.16 of DMG and 3.1 of CBG](1A) A firm must ensure that each communication and each financial promotion:3(a) is clearly identifiable as such;3(b) is accurate;3(c) is balanced and, in particular, does not emphasise any potential benefits of a product or service without also giving a fair and prominent indication of any relevant risks;3(d) is sufficient
(1) A firm must not in a financial promotion or a communication to a customer state or imply3 that credit is available regardless of the customer’s financial circumstances or status.[Note: paragraphs 3.7o of CBG and 5.2 of ILG](2) This rule does not apply to a financial promotion or communication relating to a credit agreement under which a person takes an article in pawn and the customer’s total financial liability (including capital, interest and all other charges) is limited
A firm must not in a financial promotion or a communication with a customer:(1) provide an application for credit with a pre-completed amount of credit which is not based on having carried out a creditworthiness assessment (see CONC 5.2A)2; or[Note: paragraph 5.3 of ILG](2) state or imply1 that providing credit is dependent solely upon the value of the equity in property on which the agreement is to be secured; or[Note: paragraph 5.4 of ILG](3) promote credit where the firm knows,