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(1) Where a financial promotion indicates3 a rate of interest or an amount relating to the cost of credit whether expressed as a sum of money or a proportion of a specified amount, the financial promotion must also: (a) include a representative example in accordance with CONC 3.5.5 R, and (b) specify a postal address at which the person making the financial promotion may be contacted.[Note: regulation 4(1) of CCAR 2010](2) Paragraph (1)(a) does not apply where the financial promotion:
(1) The representative example in CONC 3.5.3R (1) must comprise the following items of information: (a) the rate of interest, and whether it is fixed or variable or both, expressed as a fixed or variable percentage applied on an annual basis to the amount of credit drawn down;(b) the nature and amount of any other charge included in the total charge for credit;(c) the total amount of credit;(d) the representative APR;(e) in the case of credit in the form of a deferred payment
(1) A financial promotion must include the representative APR if it: (a) states or implies that credit is available to individuals who might otherwise consider their access to credit restricted; or323(b) includes a favourable comparison relating to the credit, whether express or implied, with another person, product or service; or3(c) includes an incentive 3to apply for credit or to enter into an agreement under which credit is provided.[Note: regulation 6 of CCAR 2010]3(2) The
CONC 3.5.13RRP
(1) Where a financial promotion is about running-account credit and the credit limit applicable is not yet known on the date the financial promotion is made, but it is known that it will be less than £1,200, the credit limit must be assumed to be an amount equal to that maximum limit. [Note: paragraph 1 of schedule to CCAR 2010](2) The assumption in (1) applies in place of the assumption in CONC App 1.2.5 R for the purpose of calculating the total charge for credit.Total charge