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(1) In making the creditworthiness assessment or the assessment required by CONC 5.2.2R (1), a firm should take into account more than assessing the customer's ability to repay the credit. [Note: paragraph 4.2 of ILG](2) The creditworthiness assessment and the assessment required by CONC 5.2.2R (1) should include the firm taking reasonable steps to assess the customer's ability to meet repayments under a regulated credit agreement in a sustainable manner without the customer incurring
Under the procedures required by CONC 5.3.2 R a firm should take adequate steps, insofar as it is reasonable and practicable to do so, to ensure that information (including information supplied by the customer) on an application for credit relevant to a creditworthiness assessment or an assessment required byCONC 5.2.2R (1) is complete and correct. [Note: paragraph 4.29 of ILG]