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(1) It is an offence for a person carrying on the business of debt counselling, debt adjusting or providing credit information services to canvass its services off trade premises under section 154 of the CCA. The definition of canvassing in section 153 of the CCA would include an unsolicited personal visit to a customer's home. [Note: paragraph 3.13 of DMG](2) Where a long telephone call is required, the firm should ensure the call is not made on a premium rate number.(3) It is
CONC 8 covers all firms with respect to debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing credit information services, which includes profit-seeking as well as not-for-profit bodies which hold such permissions and in that case include those bodies with permission by virtue of article 62 of the Regulated Activities Order.[Note: paragraph 1.10 of DMG]
A firm must take reasonable steps before entering into an agreement to accept sales leads from a lead generator for debt counselling or debt adjusting or providing credit information services to ensure: (1) that any of the lead generator's advice, any content of its website and advertising and any of its commercial practices comply with applicable legal requirements, including the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008;(2) that the lead generator is registered
A firm must take reasonable steps, where it has agreed to accept sales leads from a lead generator for debt counselling or debt adjusting or providing credit information services, to ensure that the lead generator: (1) where it does not have a Part 4A permission for debt counselling and is not an appointed representative of a firm with such permission, does not carry on debt counselling in obtaining or passing on sales leads to the firm;(2) where it carries on debt counselling,
(1) The distance marketing rules in CONC 2.6, including the right to cancel in CONC 11, apply to firms with respect to distance contracts which are credit agreements, consumer hire agreements and agreements the subject matter of which comprises, or relates to, debt counselling, debt adjusting, providing credit information services and providing credit references. CONC 11 excludes various credit agreements from the right to cancel.(2) Where a consumer uses the right to cancel under