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CONC 10.2.8RRP
The prudential resources requirement for a firm to which this chapter applies is the higher of:(1) £5,000; or(2) the sum calculated in accordance with CONC 10.2.5 R (2); for the period until (subject to CONC 10.2.13 R) its next accounting reference date.
CONC 10.2.9RRP
To determine a firm's prudential resources requirement for the period beginning on the date on which it obtains Part 4A permission and ending on the day before its next accounting reference date, the firm must carry out the calculation in CONC 10.2.5 R (2) on the basis of the total value of relevant debts under management the firm projects will be outstanding on the day before its next accounting reference date.
CONC 10.3.2RRP
Table: Items which are eligible to contribute to the prudential resources of a firmItemAdditional explanation1Share capitalThis must be fully paid and may include:(1)ordinary share capital; or(2)preference share capital (excluding preference shares redeemable by shareholders within two years).2Capital other than share capital (for example, the capital of a sole trader, partnership or limited liability partnership)The capital of a sole trader is the net balance on the firm's capital
CONC 10.3.5RRP
When calculating its prudential resources, the firm must exclude any amount by which the aggregate amount of its subordinated loans/debts exceeds the amount calculated as follows:a - bwhere:a=Items 1 - 5 in the Table of items which are eligible to contribute to a firm's prudential resources (see CONC 10.3.2 R)b=Items 1 - 5 in the Table of items which must be deducted in arriving at a firm's prudential resources (see CONC 10.3.3 R)[Note: Until 31 March 2017, transitional provisions
CONC 10.3.6GRP
CONC 10.3.5 R can be illustrated by the examples set out below:(1) Share Capital£20,000Reserves£30,000Subordinated loans/debts£10,000Intangible assets£10,000As subordinated loans/debts (£10,000) are less than the total of share capital + reserves - intangible assets (£40,000) the firm need not exclude any of its subordinated loans/debts pursuant to CONC 10.3.5 R. Therefore total prudential resources will be £50,000.(2) Share Capital£20,000Reserves£30,000Subordinated loans/debts£60,000Intangible