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(1) If the operator of a scheme makes an application under section 272 of the Act (Individually recognised overseas schemes), the application must include the information in paragraph (4). 11(2) The documents must be in English or accompanied by a translation in English. (3) The documents must be certified by the operator to be true copies of the originals. (4) The operator of the scheme must provide the following information and documents with the application: 1(a) the name of
An operator of a recognised scheme3 must ensure the prospectus:(1) contains a statement that "Complaints about the operation of the scheme may be made to the FCA."; and(2) states whether or not investors in the scheme would be covered by the compensation scheme, and if so, it must state how they are covered and who they would need to contact for further information.
(1) An operator of 3a recognised scheme 3 must comply with the requirements set out in COLL 4.2 (Pre-sale notifications). 11(2) Where a recognised scheme3is managed and authorised in Guernsey, Jersey, or the Isle of Man, the prospectus need not comply with the requirements of COLL 4.2.5 R (Table: contents of prospectus), providing it contains corresponding matter required under the law in its home territory. 11
(1) 2The PRIIPs Regulation requires the manufacturer of a PRIIP to draw up a key information document in accordance with the PRIIPs Regulation before that PRIIP is made available to retail investors (as defined in the PRIIPs Regulation).(2) The requirements of the PRIIPs Regulation are directly applicable.(3) As a result, when a recognised scheme 3 is made available to retail clients in the United Kingdom the operator must draw up a key information document in accordance with
This chapter enables potential operators of recognised schemes to know what information and documents the FCA wish to receive to enable it to consider whether to recognise the scheme under the Act for marketing in the United Kingdom.
(1) The operator of a recognised scheme5must maintain facilities in the United Kingdom in order to satisfy the requirements of COLL 9.4.2 R to COLL 9.4.6 R. 4(2) In this section, a facility is a place of business that complies with COLL 9.4.6 R (Place of facilities).