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A domestic UCITS merger between two or more UCITS schemes6 is permissible provided:(1) it is effected in accordance with the requirements of:(a) the UCITS Regulations 2011, which include the need for the FCA to have made a prior order approving the proposed merger (which may be made subject to (2)); and(b) this chapter; and (2) in the case of a UCITS scheme that is:(a) a merging UCITS6, an extraordinary resolution is approved by unitholders in accordance with COLL 7.6.2 R (3)
(1) The requirements and the process which must be followed to give effect to a proposal for a domestic UCITS merger are in6 Part 4 of the UCITS Regulations 2011. The main features of the regime as set out in those provisions include:(a) the merger must be a domestic UCITS merger which takes the form of a scheme of arrangement;6(b) the need for the FCA to give prior approval to the proposed merger under regulation 9 (Application for authorisation) of the UCITS Regulations 2011;6(c)
(1) The authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme that is a merging UCITS or a receiving UCITS in a proposed UCITS merger, must in conjunction with any other authorised fund manager 6draw up common draft terms of the proposed UCITS merger.(2) The common draft terms in (1) must set out the following particulars:(a) 6the UCITS involved;(b) the background to and the rationale for the proposed UCITS merger;(c) the expected impact of the proposed UCITS merger on the unitholders of
COLL 7.7.10RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme that is a merging UCITS or a receiving UCITS in a proposed UCITS merger must ensure that a document containing appropriate and accurate information on the merger is provided to the unitholders of that scheme so as to enable them to:(a) make an informed judgment about the impact of the proposal on their investment;(b) exercise their rights under regulation 12 (Right of redemption) of the UCITS Regulations 2011; and(c) where applicable,
COLL 7.7.13RRP
(1) The6 information document that the 6 authorised fund manager of a merging UCITS6 must provide to its unitholders under COLL 7.7.10 R (3)(b) must also include:(a) details of any differences in the rights of unitholders of the merging UCITS before and after the proposed UCITS merger takes effect;(b) if the key investor information of the merging UCITS and the receiving UCITS show synthetic risk and reward indicators in different categories, or identify different material risks
COLL 7.7.21GRP
(1) In a domestic UCITS merger, the effective date of the merger will be the date specified by the FCA in its order authorising the proposed merger in accordance with regulation 9 of the UCITS Regulations 2011.(2) [deleted]6(3) For the receiving UCITS in a domestic UCITS merger6:(a) the date for calculating the exchange ratio of units of the merging UCITS into units of the receiving UCITS and, where applicable, for determining the relevant net asset value for cash will be the