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COLL 7.7.11RRP
(1) The information document that must be provided to unitholders under COLL 7.7.10 R (Information to be given to unitholders) by the authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme must be written in a concise manner and in non-technical language.(2) In the case of a proposed cross-border UCITS merger, the authorised fund manager of the UCITS scheme, being either the merging UCITS or the receiving UCITS respectively, must explain in plain language any terms or procedures relating to
COLL 7.7.13RRP
(1) Where the merging UCITS is a UCITS scheme, the information document that its authorised fund manager must provide to its unitholders under COLL 7.7.10 R (3)(b) must also include:(a) details of any differences in the rights of unitholders of the merging UCITS before and after the proposed UCITS merger takes effect;(b) if the key investor information of the merging UCITS and the receiving UCITS show synthetic risk and reward indicators in different categories, or identify different