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(1) The depositary of a UCITS scheme must hold in custody all UCITS custodial assets of the scheme. (2) The depositary must ensure that all UCITS custodial assets that can be registered in a financial instruments account: (a) are registered in the depositary’s books within segregated accounts opened in the name of: (i) the UCITS scheme; or(ii) the authorised fund manager, acting on behalf of the scheme; and(b) can be clearly identified as belonging to the UCITS scheme at all times
The depositary must, for UCITS schemeproperty other than UCITS custodial assets:(1) verify that the UCITS scheme or the authorised fund manager, acting on behalf of the scheme, is the owner of the assets based: (a) on information or documents provided by the authorised fund manager; and(b) where available, on external evidence; and(2) maintain, and keep up to date, a record of those assets for which it is satisfied that the UCITS scheme or the authorised fund manager, acting on
The depositary must provide a comprehensive inventory of all the assets comprising the schemeproperty of the UCITS scheme to the authorised fund manager on a regular basis. [Note: article 22(6) of the UCITS Directive]
A depositary may delegate the functions in COLL 6.6B.18R and COLL 6.6B.19R to one or more third parties if:(1) the tasks are not delegated with the intention of avoiding the requirements of the UCITS Directive;(2) the depositary can demonstrate that there is an objective reason for the delegation;(3) the depositary:(a) has exercised all due skill, care and diligence in the selection and appointment of any third party to whom it intends to delegate parts of its tasks; and(b) continues
A depositary may delegate custody tasks in relation to UCITS custodial assets to an entity in a third country even though that entity does not satisfy the conditions in COLL 6.6B.25R(4)(b)(i) if: (1) the law of that third country requires those UCITS custodial assets to be held in custody by a local entity; (2) no local entity satisfies the conditions in COLL 6.6B.25R(4)(b)(i);(3) the depositary delegates its functions to such a local entity only: (a) to the extent required by
This table belongs to COLL 4.2.2 R (Publishing the prospectus).Document status1A statement that the document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date (which shall be the date of the document).Authorised fund2A description of the authorised fund including:(a) its name;(b)whether it is an ICVC, ACS21 or an AUT;173(ba)whether it is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme;17(bb)a statement that unitholders in an AUT, ICVC or co-ownership scheme21