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COLL 5.2.14GRP
(1) COLL 9.3 gives further detail as to the recognition of a scheme under section 27218of the Act.18(2) Article 5013 of the UCITS Directive sets out the general investment limits. So, a scheme18 which has the power to invest in gold or immovables would not meet the criteria set out in COLL 5.2.13R (1).18131818(3) 8In determining whether a scheme (other than a UCITS)18 meets the requirements of article 50(1)(e)13 of the UCITS Directive for the purposes ofCOLL 5.2.13R (1),18 the
(1) The value of the scheme property is the net value of the scheme property after deducting any outstanding borrowings (including any capital outstanding on a mortgage of an immovable).(2) Any part of the scheme property which is not an investment (save an immovable) must be valued at fair value.(3) For the purposes of (2), any charges that were paid, or would be payable, on acquiring or disposing of the asset must be excluded from the value of that asset.(4) The value of the
COLL 8.5.11RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager must, at all times during the dealing day, be willing to effect the sale of units to any eligible investor (within any conditions in the instrument constituting the fund12 and the prospectus which must be fair and reasonable as between all unitholders and potential unitholders) for whom the authorised fund manager does not have reasonable grounds to refuse such sale.12(2) The authorised fund manager must, at all times during the dealing day, effect
(1) When arranging to sell, redeem, issue or cancel units, or when units are issued or cancelled under COLL 6.2.7 R (1) (Issues and cancellations through an authorised fund manager), an authorised fund manager is permitted to:(a) require the payment of a dilution levy; or(b) make a dilution adjustment; or(c) neither require a dilution levy nor make a dilution adjustment;in accordance with its statements in the prospectus required by COLL 4.2.5R (18) (Table: contents of the
(1) Any change may be fundamental depending on its degree of materiality and effect on the scheme and its unitholders. Consequently an authorised fund manager will need to determine whether in each case a particular change is fundamental in nature or not.(2) For the purpose of COLL 4.3.4R (2)(a) to COLL 4.3.4R (2)(c) a fundamental change to a scheme is likely to include:(a) any proposal for a scheme of arrangement referred to in COLL 7.6.2 R (Schemes of arrangement: requirements);(b)
This table belongs to COLL 8.3.2 R.1Document statusA statement that this document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date which shall be the date of the document.2Description of the authorised fundInformation detailing:(1)the name of the authorised fund;16(1A)its FCA product reference number (PRN);(2)that the authorised fund is either an ICVC, ACS11 or an AUT;(3)that the scheme is a qualified investor scheme;(4)where relevant, that the unitholders
COLL 6.12.12RRP
An authorised fund manager or a UKUCITS management company of an EEA UCITS scheme must ensure that, for each UCITS it manages, the liquidity profile of the investments of the scheme is appropriate to the redemption policy laid down in the instrument constituting the fund2 or the prospectus.2[Note: article 40(4) of the UCITS implementing Directive]
This table belongs to COLL 3.2.4 R (Matters which must be included in the instrument constituting the fund14)14Name of scheme1A statement of:(1) the name of the authorised fund; and(2) whether the authorised fund is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme.Investment powers in eligible markets2A statement that, subject to any restriction in the rules in this sourcebook or the instrument constituting the fund14, the scheme has the power to invest in any eligible securities market
This table belongs to COLL 8.2.5 R1Description of the authorised fundInformation detailing:(1)the name of the authorised fund;(2)that the authorised fund is a qualified investor scheme; and(3)in the case of an ICVC, whether the head office of the company is situated in England and Wales or Wales or Scotland or Northern Ireland.3Property Authorised Investment Funds1AFor a property authorised investment fund, a statement that:(1)it is a property authorised investment fund;(2)no