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(1) This section helps in achieving the statutory objective of securing an appropriate degree of protection for consumers. In accordance with Principle 6, this section is also concerned with ensuring the authorised fund manager pays due regard to its clients' interests and treats them fairly.(2) An authorised fund manager of an AUT, ACS or ICVC7 is responsible for arranging for the issue and the cancellation of units for the authorised fund. An authorised fund manager of an AUT,
COLL 6.2.14RRP
(1) On cancellingunits the authorised fund manager must, before the expiry of the fourth business day following the cancellation of the units or, if later, as soon as practicable after delivery to the depositary of the AUT or ACS7 or the ICVC of such evidence of title to the units as it may reasonably require, require the depositary to pay:27(a) 2in the case of a single-priced authorised fund, the price of the units (less any deduction required under COLL 6.3.7 R and COLL 6.3.8
COLL 6.6.13RRP
(1) The depositary must take all necessary steps to ensure that instructions given to it by the authorised fund manager for the exercise of rights attaching to the ownership of scheme property are carried out.(2) Where the scheme property of an authorised fund contains units in any other scheme managed or otherwise operated by the authorised fund manager10 of the AUT or ACS10 or, as the case may be, by any director of the ICVC or by any associate of either, the depositary must
(1) The authorised fund manager, the depositary or the other directors of an ICVC may convene a general meeting of unitholders at any time.(2) The unitholders may request the convening of a general meeting by a requisition which must:(a) state the objects of the meeting;(b) be dated;(c) be signed by unitholders who, at that date, are registered as the unitholders of units representing not less than one-tenth in value (or such lower proportion stated in the instrument constituting
This table belongs to COLL 8.3.2 R.1Document statusA statement that this document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date which shall be the date of the document.2Description of the authorised fundInformation detailing:(1)the name of the authorised fund;(2)that the authorised fund is either an ICVC, ACS11 or an AUT;(3)that the scheme is a qualified investor scheme;(4)where relevant, that the unitholders in an ICVC are not liable for the debts of
This table belongs to COLL 3.2.4 R (Matters which must be included in the instrument constituting the fund14)14Name of scheme1A statement of:(1) the name of the authorised fund; and(2) whether the authorised fund is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme.Investment powers in eligible markets2A statement that, subject to any restriction in the rules in this sourcebook or the instrument constituting the fund14, the scheme has the power to invest in any eligible securities market
This table belongs to COLL 4.2.2 R (Publishing the prospectus).Document status1A statement that the document is the prospectus of the authorised fund valid as at a particular date (which shall be the date of the document).Authorised fund2A description of the authorised fund including:(a) its name;(b)whether it is an ICVC, ACS21 or an AUT;173(ba)whether it is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme;17(bb)a statement that unitholders in an AUT, ICVC or co-ownership scheme21