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COLL 5.2.34GRP
(1) 21Authorised fund managers of UCITS schemes 25 should bear in mind that where a UCITS scheme25 employs particular investment strategies such as those in (2)21, COBS 4.13.2R (Marketing communications relating to UCITS schemes25) and COBS 4.13.3R (Marketing communications relating to a feeder UCITS) contain additional disclosure requirements in relation to marketing communications that concern those investment strategies.(2) 21Examples of investment strategies that require these
(1) 2An authorised fund manager must calculate the global exposure of a UCITS scheme by using:(a) the commitment approach; or(b) the value at risk approach.(2) An authorised fund manager must ensure that the method selected in (1) is appropriate, taking into account:(a) the investment strategy pursued by the UCITS scheme;(b) the types and complexities of the derivatives and forward transactions used; and(c) the proportion of the scheme property comprising derivatives and forward
(1) An authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme 3 must develop adequate and effective strategies for determining when and how voting rights attached to ownership of scheme property, 3are to be exercised, to the exclusive benefit of the scheme concerned.(2) The strategy referred to in (1) must determine measures and procedures for:(a) monitoring relevant corporate events;(b) ensuring that the exercise of voting rights is in accordance with the investment objectives and policy
The matters set out in (1) to (13)2 must be included in any authorised fund manager's report, except where otherwise indicated:2(1) the names and addresses of :(a) the authorised fund manager;(b) the depositary;(c) the registrar;(d) any investment adviser;(e) the auditor; and(f) for a scheme which invests in immovables, the standing independent valuer;(2) (for an ICVC), the names of any directors other than the ACD;(3) a statement of the authorised status of the scheme;(4) (for
COLL 6.10.2RRP
In complying with SYSC 4.3.1 R (Responsibility of senior personnel), an authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme3must ensure that its senior personnel:(1) are responsible for the implementation of the general investment policy for each scheme it manages, as defined, where relevant, in the prospectus or the instrument constituting the fund;22(2) oversee the approval of investment strategies for each scheme it manages;(3) are responsible for ensuring that the authorised fund manager3has