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COLL 6.6.16GRP
(1) Directors of an ICVC, authorised fund managers and depositaries should also have regard to SYSC 8 (Outsourcing).66SYSC 8.1.6 R4 states that a firm remains fully responsible for discharging 6all of its obligations under the regulatory system6 if it outsources crucial or important operational functions4 or any relevant services and activities.6646644(2) SUP 15.8.6 R (Delegation by UCITS management companies) requires the 8authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme to inform the
(1) This chapter applies to:(a) an authorised fund manager of an AUT, ACS3 or an ICVC;(b) any other director of an ICVC;(c) a depositary of an AUT, ACS3 or an ICVC; and(d) an ICVC,which is a qualified investor scheme.(2) Where this chapter refers to rules in any other chapter of this sourcebook, those rules and any relevant guidance should be applied as if they referred to qualified investor schemes.