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(1) The authorised fund manager10 or the depositary of an AUT or ACS10 (in accordance with their responsibilities as set out in the instrument constituting the fund12) must maintain a register of unitholders as a document in accordance with this rule.101012(2) The register must contain:(a) the name and address of each Unitholder (for joint Unitholders no more than four need to be registered);(b) the number of units (including fractions of a unit) of each class held by each unitholder;
(1) An annual long report on an authorised fund, other than a scheme which is an umbrella, must contain:(a) the 3accounts for the annual accounting period which must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the IMA SORP;(b) the report of the authorised fund manager in accordance with COLL 4.5.9 R (Authorised fund manager's report);(c) comparative information12 in accordance with COLL 4.5.10 R (Comparative information12);1212(d) the report of the depositary in accordance
(1) The figure for the "return before operating charges" shown in the comparative table required by COLL 4.5.10R (1A) should include all costs and charges actually borne by the class of units it describes.(2) The indication of actual costs and charges borne by a class of units should cover pro-rata allocations of the operating charges borne by the scheme (e.g. annual management fee, fees and expenses payable to the depositary, auditors and FCA, costs of buying and selling units
COLL 4.5.12RRP
The authorised fund manager must ensure that the report of the auditor to the unitholders includes the following statements:33(1) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts have been properly prepared in accordance with the IMA SORP, the rules in this sourcebook, and the instrument constituting the fund;1010(2) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts give a true and fair view of the net revenue3and the net capital 3gains or losses on3the scheme property of the authorised
(1) For the authorised fund manager's periodic charge or for payments out of scheme property to the investment adviser, the prospectus may permit a payment based on a comparison of one or more aspects of the scheme property or price in comparison with fluctuations in the value or price of property of any description or index or other factor designated for the purpose (a "performance fee").(2) Any performance fee should be specified in the appropriate manner in the prospectus and
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444