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COLL 14.4.2RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager and the depositary of a charity authorised investment fund may establish an income reserve account for the scheme if this is provided for in:(a) the instrument constituting the fund; and (b) the prospectus.(2) (a) The authorised fund manager may instruct the depositary to transfer up to 15% of the income available for allocation or distribution on an annual income allocation date to the income reserve account. (b) Any income transferred under (a)
COLL 14.4.3RRP
The authorised fund manager of a charity authorised investment fund with an income reserve account must not allow a payment that has been allocated to income property in the first instance to be made from the capital account if that payment could be met, in whole or in part, by transferring income from the income reserve account to the income account.
For the purpose of satisfying BIPRU 12.2.8R, a firm to which this section applies may include in its liquid assets buffer only:11(1) high quality debt securities issued by a government or central bank;(2) securities issued by a designated multilateral development bank;(3) reserves in the form of sight deposits with a central bank of the kind specified in BIPRU 12.7.5R and BIPRU 12.7.6R; and(4) in the case of a simplified ILAS BIPRU firm only, investments in a designated money
SUP 18.4.14GRP
The financial information provided under SUP 18.4.13 G would normally contain comparative statements of balance sheets at the same date, and include main investments, reserves and funds or technical provisions, with details of the number of members of each participant as at the balance sheet date and the premium income of the relevant fund of each participant during the financial year to which the balance sheet relates. SUP 18.4.15 G to SUP 18.4.18 G give further guidance on the
SUP 18.4.37GRP
The appropriate authority1 will not decide whether to confirm the transfer or amalgamation at the hearing. A copy of its written decision, including its findings on the points made in representations, will be sent to the society(ies) and to those making representations. It will also be available to any other person on request and may be published.1
BIPRU 12.6.19GRP
The rules in BIPRU 12.7 set out the sorts of assets that are eligible for the liquid assets buffer of an ILAS BIPRU firm. Every ILAS BIPRU firm may include in its buffer reserves in the form of sight deposits at a central bank and high quality debt securities issued by governments and designated multilateral development banks subject to the eligibility rules in BIPRU 12.7. BIPRU 12.7 provides that a simplified ILAS BIPRU firm may also include in its buffer investments in a designated
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the Prospectus Regulation51) a communication with both of the following characteristics51:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public