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COLL 12.2.6GRP
(1) Each EEA State, including the United Kingdom, is required to implement article 14 of the UCITS Directive by drawing up rules of conduct which management companies authorised in that State must observe at all times, except as explained in (3).(2) UK UCITS management companies operating an EEA UCITS scheme under the freedom to provide cross border services (otherwise than by establishing a branch in that State) are advised that, as provided for elsewhere in the Handbook, they
COLL 12.1.2GRP
(1) This chapter contains rules and guidance relating to the operation of the management company passport under the UCITS Directive and explains how the passporting regime applies to:(a) a UK UCITS management company that operates an EEA UCITS scheme; and (b) an EEA UCITS management company that acts as the manager of an AUT or the ACD of an ICVC that is a UCITS scheme;whether from a branch it establishes in an EEA State other than its Home State or under the freedom to provide