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A range of stakeholder products:1(1) may include more than one deposit-based stakeholder product;1(2) may include the stakeholder products of more than one stakeholder product provider;1(3) must not include any more than one:1(a) CISstakeholder product or linked life stakeholder product; or1(b) stakeholder CTF; or1(c) stakeholder pension scheme.1
When a firm provides basic advice it must:1(1) explain why it chose the stakeholder products and stakeholder product providers that appear in the relevant range; and1(2) give the client a list of the stakeholder products and stakeholder product providers that appear in that range;1if the client asks it do so.1
When a firm gives basic advice, it must do so using:1(1) a single range of stakeholder products; and1(2) a sales process that includes putting pre-scripted questions to the client.1
If a firm makes a personal recommendation in relation to a stakeholder product, other than in the course of MiFID or equivalent third country business, it may choose to give basic advice under the rules in section 9.6 of this chapter instead of the rules in the remainder of this chapter.
(1) A series of transactions that are each suitable when viewed in isolation may be unsuitable if the recommendation or the decisions to trade are made with a frequency that is not in the best interests of the client.(2) A firm should have regard to the client's agreed investment strategy in determining the frequency of transactions. This would include, for example, the need to switch a client within or between packaged products. [Note: recital 57 to the MiFID implementing Di