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If a firm makes a personal recommendation in relation to a life policy, it must provide the client with a suitability report.[Note: article 12(3) of the Insurance Mediation Directive]
A firm must provide the suitability report to the client:(1) in the case of a life policy, before the contract is concluded unless the necessary information is provided orally or immediate cover is necessary; or(2) in the case of a personal pension scheme or stakeholder pension scheme, where the rules on cancellation (COBS 15) require notification of the right to cancel, no later than the fourteenth day after the contract is concluded; or(3) in any other case, when or as soon
If, in respect of a life policy, the firm gives necessary information orally or gives immediate cover, it must provide a suitability report to the client in a durable medium immediately after the contract is concluded.[Note: article 13(2) of the Insurance Mediation Directive]
If a firm is providing a suitability report in the course of insurance mediation activity, the information must be provided:(1) in a durable medium which is available and accessible to the client;(2) in a clear and accurate manner, comprehensible to the client; and(3) in an official language of the State of the commitment in which the contract of insurance is made or in any other language agreed by the parties.[Note: article 13 of the Insurance Mediation Directive]