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6A small authorised UK AIFM of an unauthorised AIF which is not a collective investment scheme must comply with COBS 16.3 (Periodic reporting) with references to managing investments to be construed as providing AIFM investment management functions.
COBS 16.3.1RRP
(1) If a firm is managing investments on behalf of a client, it must provide the client with a periodic statement in a durable medium unless:3(a) 3such a statement is provided by another person; or(b) 3all of the conditions in (1A) are satisfied.(1A) 3The conditions are that:(a) 3the firm provides the client with access to an online system which qualifies as a durable medium;(b) 3the online system provides the client with easy access to:(i) 3up-to-date valuations of the client’sdesignated
COBS 16.3.2RRP
(1) In the case of a retail client, the periodic statement must be provided once every six months, except in the following cases:(a) if the retail client so requests, the periodic statement must be provided every three months;(b) if the retail client elects to receive information about executed transactions on a transaction-by-transaction basis (COBS 16.3.3 R) and there are no transactions in derivatives or other securities giving the right to acquire or sell a transferable security
COBS 16.3.3RRP
(1) If the client elects to receive information about executed transactions on a transaction-by-transaction basis, a firmmanaging investments must provide promptly to the client, on the execution of a transaction, the essential information concerning that transaction in a durable medium.(2) If the client is a retail client, the firm must send the client3 a notice confirming the transaction and containing such of the information identified in column (1) of the table in COBS 16
COBS 16.3.6RRP
(1) If a firm:(a) manages investments for a retail client; or(b) operates a retail client account that includes an uncovered open position in a contingent liability transaction,it must report to the retail client any losses exceeding any predetermined threshold, agreed between it and the retail client.(2) The firm must report:(a) no later than the end of the business day in which the threshold is exceeded; or(b) if the threshold is exceeded on a non-business day, the close of
COBS 14.3.1RRP
This section applies to a firm in relation to:(1) [deleted]8(2) any of8 the following regulated activities when carried on for a retail client:(a) making a personal recommendation about a designated investment6;5 or(b) managing investments that are designated investments (other than a P2P agreement);5 or(c) arranging (bringing about) or executing a deal in a warrant, non-readily realisable security4speculative illiquid security,12 or derivative; or(d) engaging in stock lending
(1) A firm that manages investments for a client must establish an appropriate method of evaluation and comparison such as a meaningful benchmark, based on the investment objectives of the client and the types of designated investments included in the client portfolio, so as to enable the client to assess the firm's performance.(2) If a firm proposes to manage investments for a client6, the firm must provide the client with such of the following information as is applicable:(a)
3This chapter does not apply to a firm which manages investments when that firm takes a decision to trade for a client and that decision relates to a P2P agreement. This is because the regulated activity of managing investments does not extend to the management of assets where those assets are P2P agreements.
(1) A firm must:3(a) take reasonable steps to ensure that a personal recommendation, or a decision to trade, is suitable for its client; and3(b) ensure that any life policy proposed is consistent with the client’s insurance demands and needs.3(2) When making the personal recommendation or managing his investments, the firm must obtain the necessary information regarding the client's:(a) knowledge and experience in the investment field relevant to the specific type of designated
COBS 16.4.4RRP
A firm which holds designated investments or client money and is managing investments for a client may include the statement under this section in the periodic statement it provides to that client.4
COBS 10.1.1RRP
(1) A transaction may be unsuitable for a client because of the risks of the designated investments involved, the type of transaction, the characteristics of the order or the frequency of the trading.(2) In the case of managing investments, a transaction might also be unsuitable if it would result in an unsuitable portfolio.[deleted]5
3A firm, other than a venture capital firm, which is managing investments for a professional client that is not a natural person must disclose clearly on its website, or if it does not have a website in another accessible form:(1) the nature of its commitment to the Financial Reporting Council’s Stewardship Code; or(2) where it does not commit to the Code, its alternative investment strategy.
COBS 18.9.2GRP
Firms should note that the operator of an ICVC when it is undertaking scheme management activity will be subject to:3(1) 3COBS 18.5.2R if the operator is a small authorised UK AIFM; or(2) 3COBS 18.5A.3R if the operator is a full-scope UK AIFM4; or(3) 3COBS 18.5B.2R if the operator is a UCITS management company.