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(1) The rules referred to in (4) are derived from the Single Market directives and the Distance Marketing Directive. In the FSA's opinion, a firm may3 comply with them by ensuring3 that in good time before:333(a) a retail client is bound by an agreement for the provision of a personal recommendation on packaged products; or (b) the firm performs an act preparatory to the provision of a personal recommendation;(c) (3in relation to the amendment of a life policy for that retail
For the purposes of GEN 5, a firm may not use the Key facts logo in relation to any document that is designed to comply with rules in COBS 5, 6.1 or COBS 7 unless it is a services and costs disclosure document or a 3combined initial disclosure document produced in accordance with the templates and Notes in the annexes to this chapter. 33
Each of the services and costs disclosure document and3combined initial disclosure document that a firm provides to a client should be documents which the firm reasonably considers will be, or are likely to be, appropriate for the client having regard to the type of service which the firm may provide or business which the firm may conduct. 33
(1) A firm will satisfy the requirements as to timing in the rules referred to in COBS 6.3.3G (4) if its representative provides information to the client on first making contact with the client.23(2) [deleted]323
A firm may include, in a services and costs disclosure document or a combined initial disclosure document,3 information required by COBS or by the rule on disclosing a tied agent's capacity (SUP 12.6.13 R) and which is not in the template for the services and costs disclosure document or combined initial disclosure document,3if the information would be sufficiently prominent. For example, a firm may wish to use those documents to satisfy:333333(1) the parts of the rule on information
Firms can obtain from the FSA website a specimen of the services and costs disclosure document and the combined initial disclosure document.3 A firm may produce its services and costs disclosure document or combined initial disclosure document3by using its own house style and brand. Electronic tools to help firms to construct their own versions of these documents 3 are available from the FSA website.3333
COBS 6.3.14GRP
A firm would be unlikely to comply with the client's best interests rule and the fair, clear and not misleading rule, 3if:33(1) the services and costs disclosure document or the combined initial disclosure document that it provided initially did not reflect relevantexpected commission arrangements; or3(2) the firm arranged to retain any commission which exceeded the amount or rate disclosed without first providing further appropriate inducements information and obtaining the client's
COBS 6.3.19GRP
In cases where firms make initial contact with a client on the telephone a firm may, in addition, have to take into account and comply with the requirements in this sourcebook applicable to the conclusion of distance contracts3 (see COBS 5). 3
COBS 6.3.20GRP
(1) In accordance with the rule on information disclosure before providing services (COBS 2.2.1 R), if a firm's initial contact with a retail client with a view to providing a personal recommendation on packaged products is by telephone then the following information should be provided before proceeding further:(a) the name of the firm and, if the call is initiated by or on behalf of a firm, the commercial purpose of the call;(b) whether the firm offers packaged products3 from
COBS 6.3.21RRP
A firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that its representatives when making contact with an employee with a view to giving a personal recommendation on his employer's group personal pension scheme or stakeholder pension scheme, inform the employer:(1) that the firm will be providing a personal recommendation on group personal pension schemes and/or stakeholder pension schemes provided by the employer;(2) whether the employee will be provided with a personal recommendation