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To comply with the rule on disclosure of total consultancy charges payable (COBS 6.1C.18R) and the fair, clear and not misleading rule, a firm's disclosure of the total consultancy charge should:(1) provide information to the employer as to which particular service a consultancy charge applies;(2) include information as to when payment of the consultancy charge is due;(3) if an ongoing consultancy charge is expressed as a percentage of funds under management, clearly reflect in
COBS 6.3.14GRP
A firm would be unlikely to comply with the client's best interests rule and the fair, clear and not misleading rule, 3if:33(1) the services and costs disclosure document or the combined initial disclosure document that it provided initially did not reflect the relevant adviser charge or 4expected commission arrangements; or34(2) the firm arranged to retain any commission which exceeded the amount or rate disclosed without first providing further appropriate inducements information
When communicating information, a firm should consider whether omission of any relevant fact will result in information being insufficient, unclear, unfair or misleading.
2To ensure that a firm pays due regard to the information needs of its clients, and communicates information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading with respect to the activity of issuing electronic money, a firm must ensure that, in good time before the firm issues electronic money to a person, it has been communicated to that person on paper or in another durable medium that the compensation scheme does not cover claims made in connection with issuing electronic