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COBS 4.10.3GRP
(1) Section 21(1) of the Act (Restrictions on financial promotion) prohibits an unauthorised person from communicating a financial promotion, in the course of business, unless an exemption applies or the financial promotion is approved by a firm. Many of the rules in this chapter apply when a firmapproves a financial promotion in the same way as when a firmcommunicates a financial promotion itself.(2) A firm may also wish to approve a financial promotion that it communicates itself.
COBS 4.12.4RRP
(1) 3The restriction in COBS 4.12.3 R does not apply if the promotion falls within an exemption in the table in (5) below. (2) A firm may communicate an invitation or inducement to participate in an unregulated collective investment scheme without breaching the restriction on promotion in section 238 of the Act if the promotion falls within an exemption in the table in (5) below.(3) Where the middle column in the table in (5) refers to promotion to a category of person, this means