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When a firm first has contact with a retail client with a view to giving basic advice on a stakeholder product, it must give the retail client:1(1) the basic advice initial disclosure information (COBS 9 Annex 1), in a durable medium, together with an explanation of that information, unless:1(a) it has already done so and the basic advice initial disclosure information is likely still to be accurate and appropriate; or1(b) the contact is not face to face and is using a means of
If a firm's first contact with a retail client is not face to face, it must:1(1) inform the client at the outset:1(a) (if the communication is initiated by or on behalf of a firm), of the name of the firm and the commercial purpose of the communication;1(b) whether the firm will select from, or deal with, stakeholder products from a single provider, or from more than one provider;1(c) that the firm will provide the retail client with basic advice without carrying out a full assessment
COBS 4.10.1GRP
The rules in SYSC 3 and SYSC 4 require a firm that communicates with a client in relation to designated investment business, or communicates or approves a financial promotion, to put in place systems and controls or policies and procedures in order to comply with the rules in this chapter.
COBS 4.10.2RRP
(1) Before a firmapproves a financial promotion for communication by an unauthorised person, it must confirm that the financial promotion complies with the financial promotion rules.(2) If, at any time after a firm has complied with (1), a firm becomes aware that a financial promotion no longer complies with the financial promotion rules, it must withdraw its approval and notify any person that it knows to be relying on its approval as soon as reasonably practicable.(3) When approving
COBS 4.10.6GRP
For example, if a firmapproves a financial promotion for communication to a professional client or an eligible counterparty, the approval must be limited to communication to such persons.
COBS 4.10.7GRP
If an approval is limited, and an unauthorised personcommunicates the financial promotion to persons not covered by the approval, the unauthorised person may commit an offence under the restriction on financial promotion in the Act (section 21). A firm giving a limited approval may wish to notify the unauthorised person accordingly.
COBS 14.2.1RRP
1A firm that sells:(1) a packaged product to a retail client, must provide a key features document and a key features illustration2 to that client (unless the packaged product is a unit in a UCITS scheme,7simplified prospectus scheme or an EEA UCITS scheme which is a recognised scheme);77(2) a life policy that is not a reinsurance contract to a client, must provide the Consolidated Life Directive information to that client;(3) the variation of a life policy or personal pension
COBS 14.2.9RRP
A firm is not required to provide a , a key features illustration2 or a simplified prospectus for a key features scheme or simplified prospectus scheme if:(1) the client is habitually resident outside the EEA and not present in the EEA when the relevant application is signed; or(2) the purchase is by a discretionary investment manager on behalf of a retail client; or(3) the sale is arranged or personally recommended by an investment manager and the client has agreed that a key
(1) Subject to (2) and (3), this section applies to a firm in relation to:(a) the provision of information in relation to its designated investment business; and(b) the communication or approval of a financial promotion;where such information or financial promotion is addressed to, or disseminated in such a way that it is likely to be received by, a retail client.(2) If3 a communication relates to a firm's3MiFID or equivalent third country business, this section does not apply:3(a)
(1) In relation to communications by a firm to a client in relation to its designated investment business this chapter applies in accordance with the general application rule and the rule on business with UKclients from an overseas establishment (COBS 1 Annex 1 Part 2 paragraph 2.1R).(2) In addition, the financial promotion rules apply to a firm in relation to:(a) the communication of a financial promotion to a person inside the United Kingdom;(b) the communication of a cold call
(1) If a firm (F) is aware that a person (C1) with or for whom it is providing services is acting as agent for another person (C2) in relation to those services, C1, and not C2, is the client of F in respect of that business.(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply if:(a) F has agreed with C1 in writing to treat C2 as its client; or(b) C1 is neither a firm nor an overseas financial services institution1 and the main purpose of the arrangements between the parties is the avoidance of duties
COBS 13.5.2RRP
A firm that communicates a projection for a packaged product which is not a financial instrument,(1) for which a key featureillustration is not required to be provided; and (2) which is not an in-force packaged product;must ensure that such a projection is either a standardised deterministic projection or an alternative projection in accordance with COBS 13 Annex 2.
COBS 20.5.3RRP
A firm must ensure that the terms of reference contain, as a minimum, terms having the following effect:(1) the role of the with-profits committee or advisory arrangement is, as relevant, to assess, report on, and provide clear advice and, where appropriate, recommendations to the firm'sgoverning body on:(a) the way in which each with-profits fund is managed by the firm and, if a PPFM is required, whether this is properly reflected in the PPFM;(b) if applicable, whether the firm
COBS 17.1.1RRP
1When an insurer or managing agent receives a claim under a long-term care insurance contract, it must respond promptly by providing the policyholder, or the person acting on the policyholder's behalf, with:(1) a claim form (if it requires one to be completed);(2) a summary of its claims handling procedure; and(3) appropriate information about the medical criteria that must be met, and any waiting periods that apply, under the terms of the policy.
COBS 17.1.2RRP
As soon as reasonably practicable after receipt of a claim, the insurer or managing agent must tell the policyholder, or the person acting on the policyholder's behalf:(1) (for each part of the claim it accepts), whether the claim will be settled by paying the policyholder, providing goods or services to the policyholder or paying another person to provide those goods or services; and(2) (for each part of the claim it rejects), why the claim has been rejected and whether any future
1(1) A corporate finance contact or a venture capital contact is not a client under the first limb of the general definition. This is because a firm does not provide a service to such a contact. However, it will be a client under the third limb of the general definition for the purposes of the financial promotion rules if the firmcommunicates or approves a financial promotion that is or is likely to be communicated to such a contact. 1(2) Communicating or approving a financial
COBS 4.13.1RRP
(1) 1This section applies to a firm in relation to a communication to a client, including an excluded communication, that is a marketing communication within the meaning of the UCITS Directive.(2) This section does not apply to:(a) image advertising; or(b) the instrument constituting the scheme, the prospectus, the key investor information (or alternatively the simplified prospectus or EEA simplified prospectus) or the periodic reports and accounts of either a UCITS scheme or
(1) A firm must ensure that a financial promotion addressed to a client is clearly identifiable as such.[Note: article 19(2) of MiFID and article 77 of the UCITS Directive]3(2) If2 a financial promotion relates to a2firm'sMiFID or equivalent third country business, this rule does not apply to the extent that the2financial promotion is a third party prospectus.2(3) If2 a financial promotion relates2 to a 2 firm's business that is not 2MiFID or equivalent third country business,