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COBS 21.3.7RRP
(1) 4A money-market instrument will be regarded as liquid if it can be sold at limited cost in an adequately short timeframe.(2) A money-market instrument will be regarded as having a value which can be accurately determined at any time if accurate and reliable valuations systems, which fulfil the following criteria, are available:(a) enabling the firm to calculate a net asset value in accordance with the value at which the instrument held in the portfolio could be exchanged between
COBS 21.3.8GRP
4A firm should assess the liquidity of a money-market instrument in accordance with CESR's UCITS eligible assets guidelines, with respect to article 4(1) of the UCITS eligible assets Directive.
COBS 4.13.2RRP
(1) A firm must ensure that a marketing communication that comprises an invitation to purchase units in a UCITS scheme or EEA UCITS scheme and that contains specific information about the scheme:(a) makes no statement that contradicts or diminishes the significance of the information contained in the prospectus and the key investor information document or EEA key investor information document for the scheme;(b) indicates that a prospectus exists for the scheme and that the key