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1Insurers3effecting linked long-term contracts of insurance are obliged to comply with the requirements on investments in the PRA Rulebook Solvency II Firms Investments.
COBS 21.3.1RRP
An insurer must not contract to provide benefits under linked long-term contracts of insurance4 that are determined:4(1) wholly or partly, or directly or indirectly, by reference to fluctuations in any index other than an approved index;(2) wholly or partly by reference to the value of, or the income from, or fluctuations in the value of, property other than any of the following:(a) approved securities;(b) listed securities; (c) permitted unlisted securities; (d) permitted land
COBS 21.1.1RRP
1The rules in this section apply on an ongoing basis to insurers who effect4 G1980linked long-term contracts.5