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COBS 20.4.2RRP
A firm must send its with-profits policyholders who are affected by any change in its PPFM, written notice, setting out any:(1) proposed changes to the with-profits principles, three months in advance of the effective date; and(2) changes to the with-profits practices, within a reasonable time.
COBS 20.4.4RRP
In relation to any with-profits policyholder where the state of the commitment is2 the United Kingdom, an EEA insurer must:2(1) provide the information necessary to enable that policyholder properly to understand the insurer's commitment under the policy;2(2) ensure that the information provided is not narrower in scope or less detailed in content than the information required to be provided in the PPFM produced by a firm subject to COBS 20.3;2 and2(3) send the policyholder who