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COBS 9.6.18RRP
1A firm must ensure that none of its representatives:(1) is likely to be influenced by the structure of his or her remuneration to give unsuitable basic advice on stakeholder products to a retail client; or(2) refers a retail client to another firm in circumstances which would amount to the provision of any fee, commission or non-monetary benefit.
COBS 9.6.20RRP
(1) 1A firm must make an up-to-date record of:(a) its scope of basic advice, and the scope of basic advice used by its appointed representatives (if any); and(b) its range (or ranges) of stakeholder products, and the range (or ranges) used by its appointed representatives (if any).(2) Those records must be retained for five years from the date on which they are replaced by a more up-to-date record.
(1) In the FCA's opinion, a firm may3 comply with the rules referred to in (4) of which (a) to (g) are derived from the Single Market Directives and the Distance Marketing Directive4 by ensuring3 that in good time before:3343(a) a retail client is bound by an agreement for the provision of a personal recommendation on packaged products; or (b) the firm performs an act preparatory to the provision of a personal recommendation;(c) (3in relation to the amendment of a life policy
(1) A firm will satisfy the requirements as to timing in the rules referred to in COBS 6.3.3G (4) if its representative provides information to the client on first making contact with the client.23(2) [deleted]323
COBS 6.3.21RRP
A firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that its representatives,5 when making contact with an employee with a view to giving a personal recommendation on his employer's group personal pension scheme or group stakeholder pension scheme,5 inform the employee:555(1) that the firm will be providing a personal recommendation on a group personal pension scheme5 and/or a group stakeholder pension scheme5 provided by the employer;(2) whether the employee will be provided with a personal
The fact that a fee, commission or non-monetary benefit is paid or provided to or by an appointed representative or, where applicable, by a tied agent,2 does not prevent the application of the rule on inducements.
A firm is required to comply with the financial promotion rules in relation to a financial promotioncommunicated by its appointed representative even where the financial promotion does not require approval because of the exemption in article 16 of the Financial Promotion Order (Exempt persons).[Note: see section 39 of the Act]
COBS 11.7.6RRP
For the purposes of this section, a person who is not:(1) a director, partner or equivalent, manager or appointed representative (or, where applicable, a tied agent) of the firm; or(2) a director, partner or equivalent, or manager of any appointed representative (or where applicable, a tied agent) of the firm;will only be a relevant person to the extent that they are involved in the provision of designated investment business or collective portfolio management services.2
(1) If a firm sells or arranges the sale of a packaged product to a retail client, and subsequently if the retail client requests it, the firm must disclose to the client in cash terms:2(a) any commission receivable by it or any of its associates in connection with the transaction; (b) if the firm is also the product provider, any commission or commission equivalent payable in connection with the transaction; and (c) if the firm or any of its associates is in the same immediate
1This sourcebook applies to a firm with respect to the following activities carried on from an establishment maintained by it, or its appointed representative, in the United Kingdom:(1) [deleted]33(2) designated investment business;(3) long-term insurance business in relation to life policies;and activities connected with them.
COBS 15.5.5GRP
This chapter does not act to cancel distance contracts entered into by an appointed representative or where applicable, by a tied agent,1 as principal such as a distance contract to provide advisory services, but the Distance Marketing Regulations (regulations 9 to 13, see regulation 4(3)) may have this effect.
(1) A person to whom a firm provides, intends to provide or has provided:(a) a service in the course of carrying on a regulated activity; or(b) in the case of MiFID or equivalent third country business, an ancillary service,is a "client" of that firm;(2) A "client" includes a potential client.(3) In relation to the financial promotion rules, a person to whom a financial promotion is or is likely to be communicated is a "client" of a firm that communicates or approves it.(4) A