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COBS 19.6.4RRP
A firm, for a default arrangement within a qualifying scheme, may only make, impose or otherwise facilitate payment of an administration charge1 by way of an accrued rights charge or a combination charge structure where:(1) the limits in COBS 19.6.6 R are not exceeded; or(2) the firm has obtained appropriate express agreement to exceed the limits and the following conditions are satisfied:(a) the express agreement contains an acknowledgement by the member that the administration
COBS 19.6.5GRP
The effect of COBS 19.6.4R (2)(c) is that a firm may not seek express agreement from a member to charges in excess of the limits for services which are obligatory under law, or form part of the core operation of the scheme. Such core services include, for example, designing and implementing an investment strategy, investing contributions to the scheme (to the extent that this would incur administration charges1), holding investments relating to scheme members and transferring
COBS 19.6.6RRP
The limits on administration charges are as follows: (1) for a qualifying scheme which uses only an accrued rights charge, 0.75% of the value of those accrued rights; (2) for a qualifying scheme which uses a combination charge scheme:(a) for the flat-fee charge element, £25 annually;(b) for the contribution percentage charge element, 2.5% of the contributions annually; (c) for the associated accrued rights charge, the limits as set out in column 2 of the table in COBS 19.6.7
COBS 19.6.7RRP

This is the table referred to in COBS 19.6.6 R.

Contribution percentage charge rate (%)

Accrued rights charge rate (%)

1 or lower


Higher than 1 but no higher than 2


Higher than 2 but no higher than 2.5


Flat-fee charge (£)

Accrued rights charge rate (%)

10 or less


More than 10 but no more than 20


More than 20 but no more than 25


COBS 19.6.8ERP
(1) To ensure that administration charges1 are within the limits set out in COBS 19.6.6 R:(a) a firm should calculate the value of accrued rights in an accrued rights charge as the arithmetic mean over a 12-month period of membership of the qualifying scheme, using at least four evenly-distributed reference points over that period;(b) a firm should calculate the value of contributions in a contribution percentage charge over a 12-month period of membership of the qualifying scheme
COBS 19.6.9RRP
(1) A firm must not make any administration charge,1 or otherwise make or facilitate any payment or provide any non-monetary benefit, in respect of any service provided by a third party in connection with a qualifying scheme which would have the effect of decreasing the value of the accrued rights of any member of that scheme.22(2) The restriction in (1) does not apply where the firm has obtained express agreement from the relevant member to such a payment.