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COBS 19.1.2RRP
To prepare a comparison, a7firm must: (1) compare the benefits likely (on reasonable assumptions) to be paid under the ceding arrangement7 with the benefits afforded by the proposed arrangement7;5555(2) ensure that that comparison includes enough information for the retail client7 to be able to make an informed decision;(3) give the retail client7 a copy of the comparison, drawing the retail client's7 attention to the factors that do and do not support the firm'spersonal recommendation7,
COBS 19.1.3GRP
In particular, the comparison should: (1) take into account all of the retail client's relevant circumstances;(2) have regard to the benefits and options available under the ceding arrangement7 and the effect of replacing them with the benefits and options under the proposed arrangement7; 3(3) explain the assumptions on which it is based and the rates of return that would have to be achieved to replicate the benefits being given up; 35(4) be illustrated on rates of return which
COBS 19.1.9GRP
If a firm proposes to advise a retail client not to proceed with a pension transfer, pension conversion5 or pension opt-out, it should give that advice in writing.