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COBS 14.2.1RRP
1A firm that sells:(1) a non-PRIIP packaged product17 to a retail client, must provide a key features document and a key features illustration2 to that client (unless the packaged product is a unit in a regulated collective investment scheme17);777(2) a life policy to a client, must provide:20131313(a) the Solvency II Directive information to that client;20(b) a client with objective and relevant information about the policy:20(i) in a comprehensible form to allow the client to
COBS 14.2.5RRP
A firm is not required to provide:(1) a document, if the firm produces the product and the rules in this section require another firm to provide the document;(2) a key features document or key features illustration2, if another person is required to provide the distance marketing information by the rules of another EEA State; (3) the Solvency II Directive information,13 if another person is required to provide that information by the rules of another EEA State.1713(4) [deleted]17[Note:
COBS 14.2.7RRP
A firm is not required to provide a key features document or a key features illustration2for: (1) [deleted]17(2) a life policy if:13(a) the firm is operating from an establishment in another EEA State and the sale is by distance contract; or(b) the client is habitually resident outside the United Kingdom and the sale is not by distance contract.(3) a traded life policy; or17(4) an interest in an investment trust savings scheme.17[Note: in respect of (2), articles 4(1) and 16 of
COBS 21.3.9RRP
4A permitted stock lending transaction is one which, for a Solvency II firm, satisfies the requirements in COBS 21.3.11 R to COBS 21.3.12 R and, for an insurer which is not a Solvency II firm, satisfies INSPRU 3.2.36A R to INSPRU 3.2.42 G.
COBS 21.3.13RRP
4A permitted derivatives contract is one which:(1) for a Solvency II firm, is effected or issued:(a) on or under the rules of a regulated market; or(b) off-market with an approved counterparty; andsatisfies COBS 21.3.14 G; and(2) for an insurer which is not a Solvency II firm, satisfies INSPRU 3.2.5 R to INSPRU 3.2.35A G with the exception of INSPRU 3.2.18 R; and(3) in each of (1) and (2) the provisions are applied in relation to assets covering liabilities in respect of linked
COBS 21.3.14GRP
4Solvency II firms5 are also required to comply with the PRA Rulebook Solvency II Firms Investment and ensure that the use of derivative contracts is adequately covered. Firms are also referred to the rules in COLL 5.3 (Derivative Exposure) in relation to the use of derivatives in investment funds and the further guidance from CESR and its successor body, ESMA, which represent good practice in this area.
COBS 16.6.2RRP
4(1) The policyholder must be informed if during the term of a life policy entered into on or after 1 July 1994 there is any change in the following information:4(a) the policy conditions;4(b) the name of the insurer, its legal form or the address of its head office and, where appropriate, of the agency or branch which concluded the contract; and4(c) the information in (8) to (13) of COBS 13 Annex 1 (The Solvency II Directive information) in the event of a change in the policy
COBS 16.6.3RRP
If a life policy entered into on or after 1 July 1994 provides for the payment of bonuses and the amounts of bonuses are unspecified, the long-term insurer must, in every calendar year except the first, either:(1) notify the policyholder in writing of the amount of any bonus which has become payable under the contract, and which has not previously been notified under this rule; or(2) give the policyholder in writing sufficient information to enable him to determine the amount
4If a firm provides figures, on or after 1 January 2016, about the potential future development of bonuses under a with-profits policy it must inform the policyholder annually in writing of any differences between the actual bonuses payable to date and the figures previously provided.[Note: article 185(5) of the Solvency II Directive]
COBS 21.2.8RRP
A firm must notify the FCA1 in writing as soon as it becomes aware of any failure to meet the requirements of COBS 21, or of the PRA Rulebook Solvency II Firms Investments or the PRA Rulebook: Non-Solvency II firm sector2 to the extent applicable to linked long-term contracts of insurance.111
COBS 13.6.1RRP
1A firm that agrees to facilitate3 the payment of an adviser charge or consultancy charge, or an increase in such a charge, from a new or3 in-force packaged product, must prepare sufficient information for the retail client to be able to understand the likely effect of that facilitation, in good time before it takes effect2.2
COBS 15.2.1RRP
A consumer has a right to cancel any of the following contracts with a firm:Cancellable contractCancellation periodSupplementary provisionsLife and pensions:• a life policy (including a pension annuity, a pension policy or within a wrapper)• a contract to join a personal pension scheme or a stakeholder pension scheme• a pension contract• a contract for a pension transfer• a contract to vary an existing personal pension scheme or stakeholder pension scheme by exercising, for the
COBS 15.2.3RRP
The cancellation period begins:(1) either from the day of the conclusion of the contract, except in respect of contracts relating to life policies where the time limit will begin from the time when the consumer is informed that the contract has been concluded; or(2) from the day on which the consumer receives the contractual terms and conditions and any other pre-contractual information required under this sourcebook or the PRIIPs Regulation7, if that is later than the date referred
COBS 13.1.2RRP
A firm must prepare the Solvency II Directive information6 for each life policy it effects:6(1) in a clear and accurate manner and in writing; and6(2) in an official language of the State of the commitment, or in another language if the policyholder so requests and the law of the State of the commitment so permits or the policyholder is free to choose the law applicable;6in good time before that information has to be provided. [Note: article 185(1) and (6) of the Solvency II
COBS 20.1.3RRP
For an EEA insurer:(1) 4(a) the rules and guidance on the with-profits fund (COBS 20.1A), on treating with-profits policyholders fairly (COBS 20.2.1 G to COBS 20.2.41 G and COBS 20.2.53 R to COBS 20.2.60 G), and the governance provisions in COBS 20.5. apply only in so far as responsibility for the matter in question has not been reserved to the firm'sHome State regulator by an EU instrument;4notwithstanding the above: (b) COBS 20.2.26A R (financial penalties and the with-profits
COBS 13.2.3GRP
The Solvency II Directive information4 can be included in one or more of5 a key features document, a key features illustration, (where permitted by the PRIIPs Regulation) a key information document5 or any other document.42