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7To be an investment manager, a person needs to manage designated investments on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis under the terms of a management agreement. The purpose of COBS 18.5.4C R is to modify COBS 11.6.1 G to COBS 11.6.11 G so that these provisions apply to a full-scope UK AIFM that is an internally managed AIF because such firms manage designated investments on their own account rather than under the terms of a management agreement.
(1) A firm must take reasonable steps to ensure that a personal recommendation, or a decision to trade, is suitable for its client.(2) When making the personal recommendation or managing his investments, the firm must obtain the necessary information regarding the client's:(a) knowledge and experience in the investment field relevant to the specific type of designated investment or service;(b) financial situation; and(c) investment objectives;so as to enable the firm to make the
COBS 16.4.4RRP
A firm which holds designated investments or client money and is managing investments for a client may include the statement under this section in the periodic statement it provides to that client. [Note: article 43(3) of the MiFID implementing Directive]
(1) A transaction may be unsuitable for a client because of the risks of the designated investments involved, the type of transaction, the characteristics of the order or the frequency of the trading.(2) In the case of managing investments, a transaction might also be unsuitable if it would result in an unsuitable portfolio. [Note: recital 57 to the MiFID implementing Directive]