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COBS 14.2.1RRP
1A firm that sells:(1) a packaged product to a retail client, must provide a key features document and a key features illustration2 to that client (unless the packaged product is a unit in a UCITS scheme,7simplified prospectus scheme or an EEA UCITS scheme which is a recognised scheme);77(2) a life policy to a client, must provide the Solvency II Directive information13 to that client;1313(3) the variation of a life policy or personal pension scheme to a retail client, must provide
(1) 7This rule applies to an authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme that is either an authorised unit trust, authorised contractual scheme12 or an ICVC, and an ICVC that is a UCITS scheme.(2) An authorised fund manager and an ICVC in (1) that sells units in a UCITS scheme directly, or through another natural or legal person who acts on its behalf and under its full and unconditional responsibility, must ensure that investors are provided with the key investor information document
COBS 14.2.14RRP
When the rules in this section require a firm to:(1) offer a simplified prospectus to a client, that prospectus must be offered free of charge before the conclusion of the contract; or7(2) provide a key features document, a simplified prospectus, or any other document or information to a client, the document or information must be provided free of charge and in good time before the firm carries on the relevant business; or77(3) provide a key investor information document or EEA