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(1) A firm must agree with and disclose to a retail client the total adviser charge payable to it or any of its associates by a retail client.(2) A disclosure under (1) must:(a) be in cash terms (or convert non-cash terms into illustrative cash equivalents);(b) be as early as practicable;(c) be in a durable medium or through a website (if it does not constitute a durable medium) if the website conditions are satisfied; and(d) if there are payments over a period of time, include
(1) A firm must not hold itself out to a retail client as acting independently unless the only personal recommendations in relation to retail investment products it offers to that retail client are:(a) based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market; and(b) unbiased and unrestricted.(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply to group personal pension schemes if a firm discloses information to a client in accordance with the rule on group personal pension schemes (COBS
(1) A firm that provides both independent advice and restricted advice should not hold itself out as acting independently for its business as a whole. 6(1A) 6A firm that offers an unlimited range of regulated mortgage contracts, or gives advice in relation to contracts of insurance on the basis of a fair analysis, but offers restricted advice on retail investment products should not hold itself out as acting independently for its business as a whole, for example by holding itself
A firm must disclose in writing to a retail client, in good time before the provision of its services in respect of a personal recommendation or basic advice in relation a retail investment product, whether its advice will be:(1) independent advice; or(2) restricted advice.
(1) A firm must include the term “independent advice” or “restricted advice” or both, as relevant, in the disclosure.(2) If a firm provides independent advice in respect of a relevant market that does not include all retail investment products, a firm must include in the disclosure an explanation of that market, including the types of retail investment products which constitute that market.(3) If a firm provides restricted advice, its disclosure must explain the nature of the
If a firm provides restricted advice and engages in spoken interaction with the retail client, a firm must disclose orally in good time before the provision of its services in respect of a personal recommendation that it provides restricted advice and the nature of that restriction.
Firms are reminded of the general record keeping requirements in SYSC 3.2 and SYSC 9. A firm should keep appropriate records of the disclosures required by this section.
A firm must disclose its charging structure to an employer in writing, in good time before giving advice, or providing services, to the employer in connection with a group personal pension scheme or group stakeholder pension scheme.
When a firm first has contact with a retail client with a view to giving basic advice on a stakeholder product, it must give the retail client:1(1) the basic advice initial disclosure information (COBS 9 Annex 1), in a durable medium, together with an explanation of that information, unless:1(a) it has already done so and the basic advice initial disclosure information is likely still to be accurate and appropriate; or1(b) the contact is not face to face and is using a means of
COBS 9.6.12RRP
1A firm must only recommend a stakeholder product to a retail client if:(1) it has taken reasonable steps to assess the client's answers to the scripted questions and any other facts, circumstances or information disclosed by the client during the sales process;(2) (unless the relevant product is a deposit-based stakeholder product) having done so, it has reasonable grounds for believing that the stakeholder product is suitable for the client; and(3) the firm reasonably believes
(1) 1A2platform service provider must clearly disclose the total platform charge to the retail client32 in a durable medium in good time before the provision of designated investment business.22(2) In the event that it is not possible to make the disclosure in (1) in good time before the provision of designated investment business, the disclosure must be made as soon as practicable thereafter.
COBS 14.3.2RRP
A firm must provide a client with a general description of the nature and risks of designated investments, taking into account, in particular, the client's categorisation as a retail client or a professional client. That description must:(1) explain the nature of the specific type of designated investment concerned, as well as the risks particular to that specific type of designated investment, in sufficient detail to enable the client to take investment decisions on an informed
COBS 14.3.5RRP
In the case of a designated investment that incorporates a guarantee by a third party, the information about the guarantee must include sufficient detail about the guarantor and the guarantee to enable the retail client to make a fair assessment of the guarantee. [Note: article 31(5) of the MiFID implementing Directive]
(1) 1This section applies to a firm that carries on designated investment business for:(a) a retail client; and(b) in the case of MiFID or equivalent third country business, a client.(2) If expressly provided, this section also applies to ancillary services not covered by (1), but only in the course of MiFID or equivalent third country business carried on with or for a client.
A firm must provide a retail client with the following general information, if relevant:(1) the name and address of the firm, and the contact details necessary to enable a client to communicate effectively with the firm;(2) in the case of MiFID or equivalent third country business, the languages in which the client may communicate with the firm, and receive documents and other information from the firm;(3) the methods of communication to be used between the firm and the client
(1) A firm that holds designated investments or client money for a retail client subject to the custody chapter or the client money chapter must provide that client with the following information:444(a) if applicable,(i) that the designated investments or client money of that client may be held by a third party on behalf of the firm;(ii) the responsibility of the firm under the applicable national law for any acts or omissions of the third party; and(iii) the consequences for
COBS 14.2.1RRP
1A firm that sells:(1) a non-PRIIP packaged product17 to a retail client, must provide a key features document and a key features illustration2 to that client (unless the packaged product is a unit in a regulated collective investment scheme17);777(2) a life policy to a client, must provide the Solvency II Directive information13 to that client;1313(3) the variation of a life policy or personal pension scheme to a retail client, must provide that client with sufficient information
COBS 14.2.3RRP
(1) A firm that personally recommends that a retail client holds a particular asset in a SIPP must provide that client with sufficient information for the client to be able to make an informed decision about whether to buy or invest.(2) This rule does not apply if the asset is described in COBS 14.2.1 R.
COBS 16.6.7RRP
1At each anniversary of the date on which a long-term care insurance contract which is based on single premium investment bonds was entered into, the insurer must:(1) provide the retail client with a table based on the format of COBS 13 Annex 3 2.2R containing at least the current fund value and projected future policy values (as in column "What you might get back"); (2) where it is the case, inform the retail client of the possibility that future policy values may be insufficient
COBS 16.6.8RRP
1At intervals no longer than 12 months from the date of an election by a retail client to make income withdrawals or one-off, ad-hoc or regular uncrystallised funds pension lump sum payments5, the relevant operator of a personal pension scheme or stakeholder pension scheme3must:3(1) provide the retail client with such information as is necessary for3 the retail client to review the election, including where relevant the information required by COBS 13 Annex 2 2.9R3; and3(2) inform
To comply with COBS 6.1D.11R, a firm's disclosure should be in cash terms (or convert non-cash terms into illustrative cash equivalents) and should:(1) include information as to the period over which the consultancy charge is payable;(2) provide information on the implications for the employee if the employee leaves the employer’s service or their contributions to the group personal pension scheme or group stakeholder pension scheme are cancelled before the consultancy charge
A firm may provide the disclosure in COBS 6.1D.11R at the same time as it provides a key features document.
The name of the firm may be a trading name or shortened version of the legal name of the firm, provided the retail client can identify the firm communicating the information.
(1) Subject to (2) and (3), this section applies to a firm in relation to:1(a) 1the provision of information in relation to its MiFID or equivalent third country business;222(b) the communication or approval of a financial promotion;1where such information or financial promotion is addressed to, or disseminated in such a way that it is likely to be received by, a retail client.1(2) If3 a communication relates to a firm'sMiFID or equivalent third country business, this section
(1) A firm must, in good time before a retail client is bound by any agreement relating to designated investment business or ancillary services or before the provision of those services, whichever is the earlier, provide that client with:(a) the terms of any such agreement; and(b) the information about the firm and its services relating to that agreement or to those services required by COBS 6.1.4 R, including information on communications, conflicts of interest and authorised
COBS 16.5.1RRP
When a long-term insurer receives any indication that a retail client wishes to surrender a life policy which is of the type that may be traded on an existing secondary market for life policies, it must, before accepting a surrender, make the policyholder aware that he may be able to sell his policy instead, how he may do so and that there may be financial benefits in doing so.