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COBS 14.2.1RRP
1A firm that sells:(1) a packaged product to a retail client, must provide a key features document and a key features illustration2 to that client (unless the packaged product is a unit in a UCITS scheme,7simplified prospectus scheme or an EEA UCITS scheme which is a recognised scheme);77(2) a life policy to a client, must provide the Solvency II Directive information13 to that client;1313(3) the variation of a life policy or personal pension scheme to a retail client, must provide
COBS 13.3.2RRP


A key features document for a packaged product must:


Include the title: ‘key features of the [name of product]’;


describe the product in the order of the following headings, and by giving the following information under those headings:


Information to be given

‘Its aims’

A brief description of the product’s aims

‘Your commitment’ or ‘Your investment’

What a retail client is committing to or investing in and any consequences of failing to maintain the commitment or investment


The material risks associated with the product, including a description of the factors that may have an adverse effect on performance or are material to the decision to invest

‘Questions and Answers’

(in the form of questions and answers) the principle terms of the product, what it will do for a retail client and any other information necessary to enable a retail client to make an informed decision.

5[Note: in respect of ‘Risks’, article 185(4) of the Solvency II Directive]

COBS 13.3.4RRP
4A key features document for a feeder NURS must include:(1) a statement identifying it as such a scheme;(2) information specific to the feeder NURS and its qualifying master scheme which enables investors to understand the qualifying master scheme's key particulars; and(3) a description and explanation of any material differences between the risk profile of the feeder NURS and that of the qualifying master scheme.
COBS 13.1.1RRP
1A firm must prepare:2(1) a key features document for each packaged product, cash-deposit ISA and cash-deposit CTF it produces2; and2(2) a key features illustration for each packaged product it produces;2in good time before 2those documents have to be provided.
COBS 13.2.2RRP
A key features document and a key features illustration2must also:(1) (if it is a key features document) 2be produced and presented to at least the same quality and standard as the sales or marketing material used to promote the relevant product;(2) (if it is a key features document) 2display the firm's brand at least as prominently as any other;(3) (if it is a key features document or a key features illustration which does not form an integral part of the key features document)
COBS 13.4.1RRP
1 A key features illustration must include appropriate charges information, information about any interest that will be paid to clients on money held within a personal pension scheme bank account5 and, if it is a packaged product which is not a financial instrument:(1) must include a standardised deterministic projection;(2) the projection and charges information must be consistent with each other so that:66(a) the same intermediate growth rate and assumptions about regular contributions