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COBS 11.2.14RRP
A firm must establish and implement effective arrangements for complying with the obligation to take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result for its clients. In particular, the firm must establish and implement an order execution policy to allow it to obtain, for its client orders, the best possible result in accordance with that obligation.42
COBS 11.2.30RRP
A firm must, when providing the service of portfolio management4,2 comply with the obligation to act in accordance with the best interests of its clients when placing orders with other entities for execution that result from decisions by the firm to deal in financial instruments on behalf of its client.42
COBS 11.2.31RRP
A firm must, when providing the service of reception and transmission of orders, comply with the obligation to act in accordance with the best interests of its clients when transmitting client orders to other entities for execution.4
COBS 11.2.32RRP
In order to comply with the obligation to act in accordance with the best interests of its clients when it places an order with, or transmits an order to, another entity for execution, a firm must:42(1) take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result for its clients taking into account the execution factors. The relative importance of these factors must be determined by reference to the execution criteria and, for retail clients,2 to the requirement to determine the
A firm must not pay or accept any fee or commission, or provide or receive any non-monetary benefit, in relation to designated investment business12 carried on for a client other than:(1) a fee, commission or non-monetary benefit paid or provided to or by the client or a person on behalf of the client; or(2) a fee, commission or non-monetary benefit paid or provided to or by a third party or a person acting on behalf of a third party, if:(a) the payment of the fee or commission,
COBS 2.3.15GRP
1This table belongs to COBS 2.3.14 G.11Gifts, Hospitality and Promotional Competition Prizes1A retail investment product provider5 giving and a firm receiving gifts, hospitality and promotional competition prizes of a reasonable value.5Promotion2A retail investment product provider5 assisting another firm to promote its retail investment products5 so that the quality of its service to clients is enhanced. Such assistance should not be of a kind or value that is likely to impair
COBS 2.3.16GRP
1In interpreting the table of reasonable non-monetary benefits, retail investment product providers5 should be aware that where a benefit is made available to one firm and not another, this is more likely to impair compliance with the client's best interests rule and that, where any benefits of substantial size or value (such as adviser training programmes or significant software) are made available to firms that are subject to the rules on adviser charging and remuneration (COBS
COBS 21.3.14GRP
4Solvency II firms5 are also required to comply with the PRA Rulebook Solvency II Firms Investment and ensure that the use of derivative contracts is adequately covered. Firms are also referred to the rules in COLL 5.3 (Derivative Exposure) in relation to the use of derivatives in investment funds and the further guidance from CESR and its successor body, ESMA, which represent good practice in this area.
(1) This rule applies if the rule on reliance on other investment firms (COBS 2.4.4 R) does not apply.(2) A firm will be taken to be in compliance with any rule in this sourcebook that requires it to obtain information to the extent it can show it was reasonable for it to rely on information provided to it in writing by another person.
(1) In relying on COBS 2.4.6 R, a firm should take reasonable steps to establish that the other person providing written information is not connected with the firm and is competent to provide the information.(2) Compliance with (1) may be relied upon as tending to establish compliance with COBS 2.4.6 R.(3) Contravention of (1) may be relied upon as tending to establish contravention of COBS 2.4.6 R.
COBS 11.7.5RRP
This section does not apply to the following kinds of personal transaction:(1) personal transactions effected under a discretionary portfolio management service where there is no prior communication in connection with the transaction between the portfolio manager and the relevant person or other person for whose account the transaction is executed;(2) personal transactions in units or shares in collective undertakings that comply with the conditions necessary to enjoy the rights
COBS 16.4.6GRP
3Firms subject to either or both the custody chapter and the client money chapter are reminded of the reporting obligations to clients in CASS 9.2 (Prime broker’s daily report to clients) and CASS 9.5 (Reporting to clients on request).
COBS 15.4.3RRP
(1) The firm may require the consumer to pay for any loss under a contract caused by market movements that the firm would reasonably incur in cancelling it. The period for calculating the loss shall end on the day on which the firm receives the notification of cancellation.(2) This rule:(a) does not apply for a distance contract or for a contract established on a regular or recurring premium or payment basis; and(b) only applies if the firm has complied with its obligations to
COBS 20.5.8GRP
In complying with the rule on systems and controls in relation to compliance, financial crime and money laundering (SYSC 3.2.6 R), a firm should maintain governance arrangements designed to ensure that it complies with, maintains and records, any applicable PPFM. These arrangements should:(1) be appropriate to the scale, nature and complexity of the firm'swith-profits business; and(2) include the approval of the firm'sPPFM by its governing body.
(1) Firms should note that restrictions and specific requirements apply to the retail distribution of certain investments:212(a) non-mainstream pooled investments are subject to a restriction on financial promotions (see section 238 of the Act and COBS 4.12);(b) non-readily realisable securities are subject to a restriction on direct offer financial promotions (see COBS 4.7);(c) contingent convertible instruments and CoCo funds are subject to a restriction on sales and on promotions
TC 3.1.1RRP
1A firm must make appropriate records to demonstrate compliance with the rules in this sourcebook and keep them for the following periods after an employee stops carrying on the activity:(1) at least 5 years for MiFID business;(2) 3 years for non-MiFID business; and(3) indefinitely for a pension transfer specialist.[Note: article 9(4) of the MCD]2