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(1) This rule applies if the applicable4rule on reliance on other investment firms or insurance distributors (COBS 2.4.4 R and COBS 2.4.5AR4) does not apply.(2) A firm will be taken to be in compliance with any rule in this sourcebook that requires it to obtain information to the extent it can show it was reasonable for it to rely on information provided to it in writing by another person.
(1) In relying on COBS 2.4.6 R, a firm should take reasonable steps to establish that the other person providing written information is not connected with the firm and is competent to provide the information.(2) Compliance with (1) may be relied upon as tending to establish compliance with COBS 2.4.6 R.(3) Contravention of (1) may be relied upon as tending to establish contravention of COBS 2.4.6 R.
COBS 15.4.3RRP
(1) The firm may require the consumer to pay for any loss under a contract caused by market movements that the firm would reasonably incur in cancelling it. The period for calculating the loss shall end on the day on which the firm receives the notification of cancellation.(2) This rule:(a) does not apply for a distance contract or for a contract established on a regular or recurring premium or payment basis; and(b) only applies if the firm has complied with its obligations to