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COBS 11.2.22RRP
A firm must provide appropriate information to its clients on its order execution policy. [Note: paragraph 2 of article 21(3) of MiFID]
COBS 11.6.12RRP
An investment manager that enters into arrangements under this section must make adequate prior disclosure to customers concerning the receipt of goods or services that relate to the execution of trades or the provision of research. This prior disclosure should form part of the summary form disclosure under the rule on inducements (COBS 2.3.1 R).
COBS 11.6.14GRP
(1) The prior disclosure required by this section should include an adequate disclosure of the firm's policy relating to the receipt of goods or services that relate to the execution of trades or the provision of research in accordance with the rule on use of dealing commission (COBS 11.6.3 R).(2) The prior disclosure should explain generally why the firm might find it necessary or desirable to use dealing commission to purchase goods or services, bearing in mind the practices
COBS 11.4.5RRP
The obligation to make public a limit order will not apply to a limit order that is large in scale compared with normal market size. [Note: article 22(2) of MiFID]
COBS 18.2.9ERP
(1) 1In order to take reasonable care to ascertain the price which is the best available, a firm:(a) should disregard any charges and commission made by it or its agents that are disclosed to the customer under COBS 6.1.9 R (Information about costs and associated charges);(b) need not have access to competing exchanges, or to all, or a minimum number of, available price sources; but if a firm can access prices displayed by different exchanges and trading platforms and make a direct