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COBS 11.2.19RRP
(1) Whenever there is a specific instruction from the client, the firm must execute the order following the specific instruction.4(2) A firm satisfies its obligation under this section to take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result for a client to the extent that it executes an order, or a specific aspect of an order, following specific instructions from the client relating to the order or the specific aspect of the order.4
COBS 11.3.2RRP
COBS 11.3.4RRP
Where a management company3 executes the order itself in the course of providing collective portfolio management services,1 it must take all reasonable steps to ensure that any clientfinancial instruments or client funds received in settlement of that executed order are promptly and correctly delivered to the account of the appropriate UCITS scheme3. [Note:3 article 27(1) third paragraph of the UCITS implementing Directive]11
COBS 11.3.5RRP
COBS 11.3.7RRP
COBS 11.3.8RRP
COBS 11.3.9RRP
COBS 11.3.10RRP