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If a firm carries on designated investment business, other than advising on investments or advising on conversion or transfer of pension benefits, 2with or for a new retail client, the firm must enter into a written basic agreement, on paper or other durable medium, with the client setting out the essential rights and obligations of the firm and the client.3
(1) A firm must, in good time before a client3 is bound by any agreement relating to designated investment business3 or before the provision of those services, whichever is the earlier, provide that client with:(a) the terms of any such agreement; and(b) the information about the firm and its services relating to that agreement or to those services required by COBS 6.1.4 R, including information on communications, conflicts of interest and authorised status.(2) A firm must provide
For the purposes of this chapter, a firm may incorporate the rights and duties of the parties into an agreement by referring to other documents or legal texts.3[Note: article 30(4) of the IDD]4
COBS 18.6.4RRP
When a firm is carrying on Lloyd's market activities, any reference in COBS to the term:(1) designated investment is to be taken to include the following specified investments:(a) the underwriting capacity of a Lloyd's syndicate;(b) membership of a Lloyd's syndicate; and (c) rights to or interests in the specified investments in (a) or (b);(2) designated investment business is to be taken to include the following regulated activities:(a) advising on syndicate participation at