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CASS 7.13.19GRP
A designated client fund account may be used for a client only where that client has consented to the use of that account and all other designated client fund accounts which may be pooled with it. For example, a client who consents to the use of bank A and bank B should have his money held in a different designated client fund account at bank B from a client who has consented to the use of banks B and C. If a firm deposits client money into a designated client fund account then,
The client money distribution and transfer rules set out the required treatment of client money on the occurrence of a pooling event so that where:4(1) for example, a firmfails (but also in other situations where a primary pooling event occurs), the rules in CASS 7A.2 (Primary pooling events) facilitate the return or transfer of client money; and4(2) a person at which the firm holds client moneyfails, the rules in CASS 7A.3 (Secondary pooling events) allocate any loss of client