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CASS 5.5.15GRP
A firm which takes advantage of CASS 5.5.14 R will need to consider whether its permission should include the permitted activity of managing investments. If the firm is granted a power to manage with discretion the funds over which it is appointed as trustee under the trust deed required by CASS 5.4 then it will be likely to need a permission to manage investments. It is unlikely to need such a permission, however, if it is merely granted a power to invest but the deed stipulates
CASS 5.5.30RRP
(1) In relation to consumers5, a firm must, subject to (2), take reasonable steps to ensure that its terms of business or other client agreements4 adequately explain, and where necessary obtain a client's informed consent to, the treatment of interest and, if applicable, investment returns, derived from its holding of client money and any segregated designated investments.54(2) In respect of interest earned on client bank accounts, (1) does not apply if a firm has reasonable ground
CASS 5.5.65RRP
The client money resource, for the purposes of CASS 5.5.63 R (1)(a),2 is:(1) the aggregate of the balances on the firm's client money bank accounts, as at the close of business on the previous business day and, if held in accordance with CASS 5.4, designated investments (valued on a prudent and consistent basis) together with client money held by a third party in accordance with CASS 5.5.34 R; and(2) (but only if the firm is comparing the client money resource with its client's
Firms are reminded that, under COBS 16.4, they are required to send to each of their clients at least once a year a statement in a durable medium of those designated investments and/or client money they hold for that client. A firm which manages investments may provide this statement in its periodic statement, as required under COBS 16.3.
Firms are reminded that the requirements in COBS 16.4 only set out the minimum frequency at which firms must report to their clients on their holdings of designated investments and/or client money. Firms may choose to report to their clients more frequently.
1Firms are reminded that, under COBS 6.1.7 R, a firm that holds client designated investments or client money must provide its clients with specific information about how the firm holds those clientdesignated investments and client money and how certain arrangements might give rise to specific consequences or risks for those clientdesignated investments and client money.
1A firm that holds custody assets or client money must:(1) provide the information in COBS 6.1.7 R for any custody assets the firm may hold for a client, including any custody assets which are not designated investments; and(2) provide the information in COBS 6.1.7 R and in (1) to each of its clients.
CASS 7.16.22ERP
(1) A firm may calculate either:(a) one individual client balance for each client,1 based on the total of the firm's holdings for that1client; or (b) a number of individual client balances for each client, equal to the number of products or business lines the firm operates for that client and each balance based on the total of the firm's holdings for that client in respect of the particular product or business line.1(2) Each individual client balance for a client should be calculated
If a primary pooling event occurs:(1) client money held in each client money account of the firm is treated as pooled;(2) the firm must distribute that client money in accordance with CASS 5.3.2 R or, as appropriate, CASS 5.4.7 R, so that each client receives a sum which is rateable to the client money entitlement calculated in accordance with CASS 5.5.66 R; and(3) the firm must, as trustee, call in and make demand in respect of any debt due to the firm as trustee, and must liquidate
CASS 7.13.11GRP
In complying with CASS 7.13.8 R and CASS 7.13.10 R, a firm should consider, as appropriate, together with any other relevant matters:(1) the capital of the CRD credit institution or bank;(2) the amount of client money placed, as a proportion of the CRD credit institution or bank's capital and deposits, and, in the case of a qualifying money market fund, compared to any limit the fund may place on the volume of redemptions in any period;(3) the extent to which client money that
2The regulated activity of safeguarding and administering investments covers both the safeguarding and administration of assets (without arranging) andarranging safeguarding and administration of assets,5 when those assets are either safe custody investments or custody assets. A safe custody investment is, in summary, a designated investment which a firm receives or holds on behalf of a client. Custody assets include designated investments, and any other assets that the firm holds
When appropriate, firms that enter into the arrangements with retail clients3covered in this chapter 2 will be expected to identify in the statement of custody assets sent to the client in accordance with COBS 16.4 (Statements of client designated investments or client money)3 or CASS 9.5 (Reporting to clients on request)4 details of the assets which form the basis of the arrangements. Where the firm utilises global netting arrangements, a statement of the assets held on this
COBS 16.4.1RRP
(1) A firm that holds clientdesignated investments or client money for a client must send that client at least once a year a statement in a durable medium of those designated investments or that client money unless such a statement has been provided in a periodic statement.(2) A credit institution need not send a statement in respect of deposits held by it.(3) This rule does not apply in relation to a firm holding clientdesignated investments or client money under a personal pension
The deed referred to in CASS 5.4.6 R must provide that the money (and, if appropriate, designated investments) are held:(1) for the purposes of and on the terms of:(a) CASS 5.4;(b) the applicable provisions of CASS 5.5; and(c) the client money (insurance) distribution rules(2) subject to (41), for the clients (other than clients which are insurance undertakings when acting as such) 1for whom that money is held, according to their respective interests in it;(3) after all valid
(1) 3CASS 8.1.2A R is not an absolute exemption, but it excludes the application of the mandate rules in relation to money or assets that a firm has received, is holding, or is responsible for (as appropriate and in the circumstances described in CASS 8.1.2A R).(2) This means that, for example in respect of CASS 8.1.2A R (1), a firm holding client money in accordance with CASS 5 or CASS 7 does not also need to comply with the mandate rules in relation to the client money which
(1) A firm that holds designated investments or client money for a retail client subject to the custody chapter or the client money chapter must provide that client with the following information:444(a) if applicable,(i) that the designated investments or client money of that client may be held by a third party on behalf of the firm;(ii) the responsibility of the firm under the applicable national law for any acts or omissions of the third party; and(iii) the consequences for
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
TC App 1.1.1RRP
1ActivityProducts/SectorsIs there an appropriate qualification4requirement?4Designated investment business carried on for a retail clientProviding basic advice1.Stakeholder products excluding a deposit-based stakeholder productNoAdvising 2.Securities which are not stakeholder pension schemes, personal pension schemes7 or broker fundsYes3.DerivativesYes24.Packaged products6Retail investment products6 which are not broker fundsYes25.Friendly Societylife policies where the employee