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(1) 4If both the conditions in (a) and (b) below are met in respect of a firm, or the firm reasonably expects that they will all be met in the future, then the firm has the option to elect to comply with this chapter for all of the money described in those conditions: (a) the firm receives or holds money for one or more persons in the course of, or in connection with, the firm’s activity of operating an electronic system in relation to non-P2P agreements; and(b) those persons
4If a firm that has made an election under CASS 7.10.7AR subsequently decides to cancel that election:(1) it can only do so by writing to the FCA, at least one month before the date the election ceases to be effective; (2) it must write to any customer with whom, as at the time of the cancellation, it has agreed to operate an electronic system in relation to non-P2P agreements in their capacity as a lender or prospective lender, informing them at least one month before the date
CASS 7.19.25RRP
The records maintained under this section, including the sub-pool disclosure documents, are a record of the firm that must be kept in a durable medium for at least five years following the date on which client money was last held by the firm for a sub-pool to which those records or the sub-pool disclosure document applied.