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CASS 7.11.46RRP
Where a firm transfers client money belonging to its clients under either or both of CASS 7.11.42 R and CASS 7.11.44 R it must ensure that those clients are notified no later than seven days after the transfer taking place:(1) whether or not the sums will be held by the person to whom they have been transferred in accordance with the client money rules and if not how the sums being transferred will be held by that person;(2) the extent to which the sums transferred will be protected
CASS 6.6.54RRP
(1) This rule applies where a firm identifies a discrepancy as a result of, or that reveals, a shortfall, which the firm has not yet resolved.(2) Subject to (3), until the discrepancy is resolved a firm must do one of the following:(a) appropriate a sufficient number of its own applicable assets to cover the value of the shortfall and hold them for the relevant clients under the custody rules in such a way that the applicable assets, or the proceeds of their liquidation, will