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(1) 9If a client communicates to a firm that it wishes (whether pursuant to a contractual right or otherwise) to terminate an arrangement relating to the transfer of full ownership of its safe custody asset to a firm for the purposes set out in CASS 6.1.6R (1) and CASS 6.1.6AR (1) and the client's communication is not in writing, the firm must make a written record of the client's communication which also records the date the communication was received.(2) A firm must keep a client's
(1) 9Following the termination of an arrangement relating to the transfer of full ownership of safe custody assets to a firm for the purposes set out in CASS 6.1.6R (1) and CASS 6.1.6AR (1), where a firm does not immediately return the safe custody assets to the client the firm should consider whether the custody rules apply in respect of the safe custody assets pursuant to CASS 6.1.1R (1A) to CASS 6.1.1R (1C).(2) Where the custody rules apply to a firm for safe custody assets
CASS 6.1.12RRP
(1) Subject to (2) and CASS 6.1.12B R and with the written agreement of the relevant client, a9firm need not treat this chapter as applying in respect of a delivery versus payment transaction through a commercial settlement system if:9929(a) in respect of a client's purchase, the firm intends for the asset in question to be due to the client within one business day following the client's fulfilment of its payment obligation to the firm;9 or9(b) in respect of a client's sale, the
2The custody rules do not apply to a personal investment firm when it temporarily holds a designated investment, other than in bearer form, belonging to a client, if the firm:(1) keeps it secure, records it as belonging to that client, and forwards it to the client or in accordance with the client's instructions, as soon as practicable after receiving it; (2) retains the designated investment for no longer than the firm has taken reasonable steps to determine is necessary to check
2When a trustee firm or depositary acts as a custodian for a trust or collective investment scheme, (except for a firmacting as trustee or depositary of an AIF and a firmacting as trustee or depositary of a UCITS12), and: 7(1) the trust or scheme is established by written instrument; and (2) the trustee firm or depositary has taken reasonable steps to determine that the relevant law and provisions of the trust instrument or scheme constitution will provide protections at least
(1) 7Subject to (2), when a firm is acting as trustee or depositary of an AIF the firm need comply only with the custody rules in the table below:ReferenceRuleCASS 6.1.1 R, CASS 6.1.9 G, CASS 6.1.9A G and CASS 6.1.16IB GApplicationCASS 6.1.22 G to CASS 6.1.24 GGeneral purposeCASS 6.2.3 R and CASS 6.2.3B G9 to CASS 6.2.6 G9Registration and recording of legal title9CASS 6.2.7 RHoldingCASS 6.6.2 R, CASS 6.6.4 R, CASS 6.6.6 R, CASS 6.6.7 R, CASS 6.6.57R (2) and CASS 6.6.58 G99Records,
12When a firm is acting as trustee or depositary of a UCITS, the firm need comply only with the custody rules in the table below:ReferenceRuleCASS 6.1.1R, CASS 6.1.1BR(3), CASS 6.1.9G, CASS 6.1.16IEGApplicationCASS 6.1.22G to CASS 6.1.24GGeneral purposeCASS 6.2.3R, CASS 6.2.3AR, CASS 6.2.3BG, CASS 6.2.7RHolding of client assetsCASS 6.6.1G to CASS 6.6.5G, CASS 6.6.7R to CASS 6.6.40G, CASS 6.6.42G, CASS 6.6.44R to CASS 6.6.57R(1), CASS 6.6.57R(4) to CASS 6.6.58GRecords, accounts
2Only the custody rules in the table below apply to a firm when arranging safeguarding and administration of assets.ReferenceRuleCASS 6.1.1 R to CASS 6.1.9 G and CASS 6.1.15 G to CASS 6.1.16B RApplicationCASS 6.1.16J RArrangers99CASS 6.1.16K RRecordsCASS 6.1.22 G to CASS 6.1.24 GGeneral purpose99CASS 6.3.4A R and CASS 6.3.4B GThird-party custody agreements
CASS 6.6.18GRP
(1) The internal system evaluation method is available to any firm, including one that is not able to use the internal custody reconciliation method because it does not meet the requirements at CASS 6.6.16R (1) and CASS 6.6.16R (2).(2) The purpose of the internal system evaluation method is to detect weaknesses in a firm's systems and controls and any recordkeeping discrepancies. However, this method is not designed to substitute a firm's other measures for ensuring compliance
CASS 6.6.48GRP
In this section, a discrepancy should not be considered to be resolved until it is fully investigated and corrected, and any associated shortfall is made good by way of the firm ensuring that:(1) it is holding (under the custody rules) each of the safe custody assets that the firm ought to be holding for each of its clients; and(2) its own records, and the records of any relevant other person (such as a third party with whom the firm deposited the safe custody assets) accurately
CASS 6.6.54RRP
(1) This rule applies where a firm identifies a discrepancy as a result of, or that reveals, a shortfall, which the firm has not yet resolved.(2) Subject to (3), until the discrepancy is resolved a firm must do one of the following:(a) appropriate a sufficient number of its own applicable assets to cover the value of the shortfall and hold them for the relevant clients under the custody rules in such a way that the applicable assets, or the proceeds of their liquidation, will
A firm may only6 register or record legal title to its own applicable asset6 in the same name as that in which legal title to a client's6safe custody asset2 is registered or recorded if the firm'sapplicable asset is separately identified from the client'ssafe custody asset in the firm's records, and either or both of the conditions in (1) and (2) are met.6262(1) The firm's holding of its own applicable asset arises incidentally to:66(a) designated investment business it carries
(1) CASS 5.8 applies to a firm (including in its capacity as trustee under CASS 5.4) which in the course of insurance mediation activity takes into its possession for safekeeping any client title documents (other than documents of no value) or other tangible assets belonging to clients.(2) CASS 5.8 does not apply to a firm when: (a) carrying on an insurance mediation activity which is in respect of a reinsurance contract; or(b) acting in accordance with CASS 61 (Custody rules
(1) Principle 10 (Clients’ assets) requires a firm to arrange adequate protection for client's assets when it is responsible for them. As part of these protections, the custody rules require a firm to take appropriate steps to protect safe custody assets for which it is responsible.(2) Subject to paragraph (3), a 3prime brokerage firm should not enter into “right to use arrangements” for a client'ssafe custody assets unless:13(a) in the case of a CASS small firm or a firm to