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CASS 11.13.2GRP
The debt management client money distribution rules seek, in the event of the failure of a CASS debt management firm or of an approved bank at which the CASS debt management firm holds client money, to protect client money and to facilitate the timely payment of sums to creditors or the timely return of client money to clients.
CASS 11.13.4RRP
If a primary pooling event1 occurs, then:2(1) all client money:2(a) held in the CASS debt management firm'sclient bank accounts; and (b) received by the CASS debt management firm on behalf of a client but not yet paid into the firm'sclient bank accounts;is treated as pooled together to form a notional pool;(2) a CASS debt management firm must calculate the amount it should be holding on behalf of each individual client as at the time of the primary pooling event using the method
CASS 11.13.9RRP
The transferee must, within seven days after the transfer of client money under CASS 11.13.6 G notify clients that:(1) their money has been transferred to the transferee; and (2) they have the option of having client money returned to them or to their order by the transferee, otherwise the transferee will hold the client money for the clients and conduct debt management activities for those clients.
CASS 11.11.6GRP
So that a CASS debt management firm may check that it has sufficient money segregated in its client bank accounts to meet its obligations to clients for whom it is undertaking debt management activity, it is required periodically to carry out reconciliations of its internal records and accounts to check that the total amount of client money that it should have segregated in client bank accounts is equal to the total amount of client money it actually has segregated in client bank
(1) [deleted]77(2) 7[deleted]7(3) [deleted]77(3A) [deleted]77(4) [deleted]77(5) [deleted]525(6) [deleted]77(7) The debt management client money chapter applies to CASS debt management firms receiving or holding client money for, or on behalf of, a client in the course of or in connection with debt management activity.6
(1) CASS applies directly in respect of activities conducted with or for all categories of clients.22(2) [deleted]52225(3) The insurance client money chapter2 does not generally distinguish between different categories of client. However, the term consumer4is used for those to 4whom additional obligations are owed, rather than the term retail client.2 This is to be consistent with the client categories used in 1the Insurance: New Conduct of Business sourcebook4.2424(4) Each provision
CASS 11.6.1RRP
A CASS debt management firm receives and holds client money as trustee on the following terms: (1) for the purposes and on the terms of the debt management client money rules and the debt management client money distribution rules; (2) subject to (3), for the clients for whom that money is held, according to their respective interests in it;(3) on failure of the CASS debt management firm, for the payment of the costs properly attributable to the distribution of the client money
If the person with or for whom the firm is carrying on an activity is acting through an agent, the ability of the firm to treat the agent as its client under COBS 2.4.3 R3 (Agent as client) will not be available. For example, if a general insurer is effecting a general insurance contract through a general insurance broker who is acting as agent for a disclosed policyholder, the policyholder will be a client of the firm and the firm must comply with the Principles accordingly.