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CASS 7.11.6GRP
Where a firm has received full title or full ownership to money under a collateral arrangement, the fact that it has also granted a security interest to its client to secure its obligation to repay that money to the client would not result in the money being client money. This can be compared to a situation in which a firm takes a charge or other security interest over money held in a client bank account, where that money would still be client money as there would be no absolute
CASS 7.11.31GRP
When commission rebate becomes due and payable to the client, the firm should: (1) treat it as client money; or(2) pay it out in accordance with the rule regarding the discharge of a firm's fiduciary duty to the client (see CASS 7.11.34 R); unless the firm and the client have entered into an arrangement under which the client has agreed to transfer full ownership of this money to the firm as collateral against payment of future professional fees (see CASS 7.11 (Title transfer
6A firm must adopt specific arrangements for all clients to ensure that the borrower of clientsafe custody assets provides the appropriate collateral and that the firm monitors the continued appropriateness of such collateral and takes the necessary steps to maintain the balance with the value of the clientsafe custody assets.[Note: article 5(4) of the MiFID Delegated Directive]
6The requirement to monitor collateral under CASS 6.4.2AR applies to a firm where it is party to a securities financing transaction, including when acting as an agent for the conclusion of a securities financing transaction or in the case of a tripartite transaction between a borrower, a client and the firm.[Note: recital 9 to the MiFID Delegated Directive]
(1) 1A firm must make available to each of its clients to whom it provides prime brokerage services a statement in a durable medium:(a) showing the value at the close of each business day of the items in (3); and(b) detailing any other matters which that firm considers are necessary to ensure that a client has up-to-date and accurate information about the amount of client money and the value of safe custody assets held by that firm for it.(2) The statement must be made available