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CASS 6.6.48GRP
In this section, a discrepancy should not be considered to be resolved until it is fully investigated and corrected, and any associated shortfall is made good by way of the firm ensuring that:(1) it is holding (under the custody rules) each of the safe custody assets that the firm ought to be holding for each of its clients; and(2) its own records, and the records of any relevant other person (such as a third party with whom the firm deposited the safe custody assets) accurately
CASS 6.6.54RRP
(1) This rule applies where a firm identifies a discrepancy as a result of, or that reveals, a shortfall, which the firm has not yet resolved.(2) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (4)7, until the discrepancy is resolved a firm must do one of the following:(a) appropriate a sufficient number of its own applicable assets to cover the value of the shortfall and hold them for the relevant clients under the custody rules in such a way that the applicable assets, or the proceeds of their
(1) 9Following the termination of a TTCA14 , where a firm does not immediately return the safe custody assets to the client the firm should consider whether the custody rules apply in respect of the safe custody assets pursuant to CASS 6.1.1R14.(2) Where the custody rules apply to a firm for safe custody assets in these circumstances then the firm is required to comply with those rules and should, for example, update the registration under CASS 6.2(Holding of client assets), update
CASS 6.1.12RRP
(1) Subject to (2) and CASS 6.1.12B R and with the written agreement of the relevant client, a9firm need not treat this chapter as applying in respect of a delivery versus payment transaction through a commercial settlement system if:9929(a) in respect of a client's purchase, the firm intends for the asset in question to be due to the client within one business day following the client's fulfilment of its payment obligation to the firm;9 or9(b) in respect of a client's sale, the

2When a trustee firm or depositary acts as a custodian for a trust or collective investment scheme, (except for a firmacting as trustee or depositary of an AIF and a firmacting as trustee or depositary of a UK UCITS16), and:

  1. (1)

    the trust or scheme is established by written instrument; and

  2. (2)

    the trustee firm or depositary has taken reasonable steps to determine that the relevant law and provisions of the trust instrument or scheme constitution will provide protections at least equivalent to the custody rules for the trust property or scheme property;

the trustee firm or depositary need comply only with the custody rules listed in the table below.



CASS 6.1.1 R to CASS 6.1.9 G and CASS 6.1.15 G to CASS 6.1.16C R


CASS 6.1.16E R to CASS 6.1.16I G

Trustees and depositaries

CASS 6.1.22 G to CASS 6.1.24 G

General purpose

CASS 6.2.1 R and CASS 6.2.2 R

Protection of clients' safe custody assets

CASS 6.2.3 R and CASS 6.2.3B G9


Registration and recording of legal title9

CASS 6.2.7 R


9CASS 6.3.1 R to CASS 6.3.4B G9


Depositing safe custody assets with third parties

CASS 6.4.1 R and CASS 6.4.2 G

Use of safe custody assets

CASS 6.69


Records, accounts and reconciliations

Consistent with the fair, clear and not misleading rule, a firm should ensure that, in any statements of custody assets and/or client money it provides to its clients, it is clear from the statement which assets and/or monies the firm reports as holding for the client are, or are not, protected under CASS 6 and/or CASS 7 (e.g. if the statement also includes information regarding assets and/or monies which are held by the firm for that client which are not subject to the custody