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3CASS 5.1.5 R (1)(b) and CASS 5.1.5 R (2) do not apply, and hence money is client money, in any case where:(1) in relation to an activity specified in CASS 5.2.3 R (1) (a) to CASS 5.2.3 R (1) (c), the insurance undertaking has agreed that the firm may treat money which it receives and holds as agent of the undertaking, as client money and in accordance with the provisions of CASS 5.3 to CASS 5.6; and(2) the agreement in (1) is in writing and adequate to show that the insurance
A firm may not handle client money in accordance with the rules in this section unless each of the following conditions is satisfied:(1) the firm must have and maintain systems and controls which are adequate to ensure that the firm is able to monitor and manage its client money transactions and any credit risk arising from the operation of the trust arrangement and, if in accordance with CASS 5.4.2 R a firm complies with both the rules in CASS 5.3 and CASS 5.4, such systems and